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Full Moon November 12 2008

In my Scorpio Lunar Phase report which can be found HERE I discussed the Taurus Full Moon would be a doozey and tempers could be short. I would like to flesh it out a bit more.

First of all, this full moon is called a SuperMoon. When the moon is closest to the Earth it is called a perigree. When the moon is either New Moon or Full Moon it is a syzgy. When it is a perigree and a syzgy it is a SuperMoon. I will be honest with you I don’t follow SuperMoons more closely than regular New and Full Moons, but there are astrologers who are versed in the distinctions and Richard Nolle has a list of SuperMoons HERE.

I am intrigued by the astrologers who track earthquakes and Tsunamis and if you do a google search you will find a couple astrologers who have tied large Earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis (2004 Tsunami) near a SuperMoon. We will have a SuperMoon this month (full) followed by another in December (full) and a third in January. That does seem like a lot of tension on our little Earth!

By the way, here’s an interesting discussion on Moon Quakes caused by the gravitational pull of Earth. How hard is it to think of the opposite? Would not the Moon pull on Earth?

Seismic activity or not, it can be an emotional Moon.

Tempers could be short with Mars and Sun sitting right near each other (conjunction) along with mouthy Mercury a smidge to their east. When the Mars and the Sun are in conjunction in Scorpio they are pretty covert and usually James Bond lethal. That alone is pretty powerful stuff but then when you add that these two are digging in (square) with our favorite illusionist Neptune it is pretty clear (can you say that with Neptune?) subterfuge will be paramount. I would say expect undercover activity but then if you can expect undercover then it really isn't undercover, is it?

If you can’t get a clear answer from someone, it is not personal, blame Neptune. But if you get jabbed or jettisoned by someone (Sun/Mars Scorpio) lick your wounds, retreat for a bit and then consider your next move later, perhaps in the next lunar cycle. OR maybe you will be relieved. Maybe you needed to get prodded a bit so you could release them? As always, “release” is a great Scorpio word.

Given the moon is in the sign Taurus which is a money sign and Scorpio is a debt/loan/financials sign. I would certainly expect some seismic activity on Wall Street. If it a huge drop it could be due to Neptune-y things like Oil, natural gases or Pharmaceuticals. If it is a big gain, it would be due to the same. And of course, someone could just be doing some big smoke and mirrors which jerks the stocks up and down. Maybe just some old big hedge fund funny business.

Also, remember Taurus loves things that are concrete, things that are built upon, things that are used for structures. Scorpio likes to tear things down. Destroy. Having Mars the warrior right there next to the Sun can give a bit more weight to the ‘destroy’. But as always, from the ashes something will be born. What will you birth on this full moon?


Luckily the 3 days of the Full Moon phases will have:

Jupiter sextile Uranus (11/13) Unexpected luck, unexpected foreign influence, big meets unusual

Mercury trine Uranus (11/16) Mental capacity is sharp and unique. Unexpected thoughts lead to unexpected communiqu├ęs

ETA: Many apologies, I can't believe I forgot (this is what happens when I have notes on my yellow stickums!) There is a another major support from the universe during the Full Moon phase from Saturn's (Virgo) grand trine with Jupiter (cap) and Moon (Taurus). These three planets in earth signs harmoniously interacting with each other give us the brace we need. Even if we feel we can't do one more thing and are fatigued by "what else?" there will be some glimmer of support and help. And here is the good news it won't be airy fairy help. It will be concrete help and potential solutions. There used to be an old expression, "When I ask for the time, I don't want to know how to build a watch." In the case of this grandtrine you will get the time!

So, even if we feel blindsided by anyone or anything the Universe will give us a boost by the end of the phase . In my best, Tim Gunn voice, "Carry On."

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