Friday, November 7, 2008

Virgo & Taurus--It is finally your time

Pluto enters Capricorn and sends love to Taurus & Virgo

I have spoken volumes on the changes we will all be experiencing as Pluto begins its trek in Capricorn. But instead of focusing on the economic and infrastructure issues-- that we all know is in our future, I would like to take a minute to talk to a few interesting folks who will not be pained by Pluto but instead will be in awe of Pluto.

Yes, there is a select group of you who have got some interesting times ahead. Those Tauruses who are born April 20-24 and those Virgos born August 23 - 27 take special note...something good is coming to you. Yes, of course an astrologer gets in trouble when they talk about good & bad--- we rather say Opportunities and Challenges.. But my point is, I would encourage you to get ready to see more good and experience it. What is about to happen is Pluto will go into earth sign Cap and the minute it does the bells will be ringing in the other two earth signs--Virgo and Taurus.

What does this mean? Well astrologicallyspeaking I am talking about an aspect called a TRINE. We love a good ol' trine. It is a beneficial aspect. Three is a strong position, don't believe me, why is a camera always on a tripod? Because three legs is stronger than four and definitely better than two. Think of the holy trinity. We love 3's. And in the astrology all of the elements are divided into four elements with 3 signs each. The trine means the 3 signs are 90 degrees apart and if you drew a line between all three it would be a perfect Triangle. Except for Bermuda---We Love Triangles.

When Pluto goes into Cap and says, "Hey, Virgo, I'm over here with my big Trine ready to help you!" "And you, Taurus, let me see if there is something I can do that with my big Trine that will make life easier for you."

However, the funny thing about Pluto is that it is not a Santa Clause aspect, that is more Jupiter (Santa and his fat gut!) instead the image of a trine from Pluto is very much like the image I picked above, an open lock with a key. Pluto finally helps you find the keys in which you have been searching.

For Virgo this is a welcomed gift because for many of the early degree Virgos way back in the late 90's they had the shit end of the Pluto stick. That was when Pluto was all in black and breathing like Darth Vader as he went through your life and house in a storm trooper stomp. I don't have to know the details to know that you got it in the pants. Perhaps it was a death of someone important, perhaps it was the end of a marriage, perhaps it was the end of a career perhaps it was an illness where you came out of it saying, "As god as my witness I will never be ____ again." Or maybe it was not an ending of a marriage but it was not what you expected or a job that turned out not to be what it appeared on the surface. Whatever it was, it was a real drag. Well, guess what? Now Pluto wants to make amends.

And you, Taurus, many of you a number of years ago felt betrayed by Uranus who kicked you with a whirlwind of harsh activity. First you are doing this and then you are doing that, you are living here and working there and then you are not. You are in love and then you are not. You want to be this when you grow up and then you realize you don't what to be that..and frankly you don't even want to grow up. This was a real bitch of a time, think around the mid 90's. Then just when you thought you had enough, then you got Neptune in the late 90's making your life a living hell...with too much frivolous behavior , booze, perhaps some drugs and just good old fashion illusion. Whatever it was Neptune just had you gassed into believing something that was not real. And you were so disillusioned.. such is Neptune sigh.

But now, you both are in store for some Pluto benefits.
For those early degree Taurus and Virgo Sun's..(0-2 degrees) between now and the end of 2009 you can find yourself with some unique opportunities. Perhaps someone offers you something you never thought you would do and in fact you would normally turn this person down but just for some strange reason you say, "yes" and the next thing you know you are in some amazing situation. Or if it is not that obvious, you say yes, and a door opens and you go in and from there another door opens and then another and you find yourself in wildly curious place but it all makes sense and you see your life improve. Improve in an unusual way. Taurus, because you are often stuck in the mud and Virgo because you often can't see the forest for the trees----both of you often get trapped by a thinking that good has to look a certain way. "It has got to be this way or I won't be happy." Well, Pluto in Cap your fellow Earth sign is keen on finding opportunities in the most ridiculous ways and manners and Cap can make use out of anything. But luckily for you, because you trust your fellow earth sign, you will say,"hmm...okay." And that is the KEY.
Of course, you do have to be reasonable with these types of transits. I'm not saying that when the guy on the motorcycle comes up to you and says with a wink, "Want to ride to my leather shop?" And you are having a day where your kids are bugging you and you loathe your husband----- that does not mean you say 'yes' to the biker. Ah, no. Be reasonable! But still keep your eyes open for some lucky breaks. What you don't know is that you earned your luck. And pluto will hand you the key---that you always had in your possession, you just weren't ready to find it until now.
Click your shoes, Dorothy!

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