Friday, April 24, 2020

Pluto Stations Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde 
April 25, 2020  
11:54 am PDT 
24 Cap 59 

Pluto begins its annual retrograde and it will continue back until October 4 when it turns direct at 22 degrees Cap.   As explained in the new moon report, Pluto is in dialogue with Jupiter all year and will be heading back to connect for a second round with Jupiter on June 30 for a conjunction.    Things will be revealed that have been unseen since its first round on April 4.    Missteps in power will be revealed.  Corruption and deceit can be revealed.    Issues around power will present themselves.   When the outer planets make moves they speak to world events and global issues.    Watch the news in and around the April 25.  

On a personal level, we all have the 22 – 25 degrees of Capricorn somewhere in our chart.  This area will be up for us again to take a look at our own power issues.  Are we afraid of power?  How do we feel abused?  Or how do we abuse?   Consider what was going on for you between January and April 25th ?  Find the power of themes in your life.   What transformations do you need to make to access new power?  Jupiter is the bridge planet from personal to global.   While Pluto and Jupiter start to head together again (June 30) we will consider how how transformations build bridges to a new life.   Perhaps:  Bridging new employment?  New circles?  New health?  New practicalities?  By the time we get to the final Jupiter Pluto conjunction on November 13 we should have made some big changes.  After November Jupiter will not be on Pluto until 2033.   Make the most of these transformations this year. 

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