Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Week Ahead

Yes, it is Tuesday but we still have the rest of the week.

Yesterday probably was bumby for you (gawd knows it was for me!) but Venus in harsh aspect to the nodes put our money and our love through the ringer. At the same time Mars was in opposition to Saturn and it made for a hideous, take one stop forward and two step backs. I hope you just gave up the ghost about accomplishing anything meaningful yesterday. I know once I did it made the day go smoother.

Mars and Mercury are working together like gasoline and fire work together. So, let me give you some help. Do not get into it with anyone today. Walk away, pull back and save your thoughts and comments to another day. Of course, if you absolutely can't control yourself and get into it with anyone, there is probably a bigger reason for the fiery conversation and perhaps it will serve you later. But you may get singed.

Sun enters Taurus: Happy Birthday Taurus! Those of you born in the first ten days of the sign have been in a transformation mode for awhile. Death and rebirth have been surrounding you and pulling you in but at its core you know that these changes you are going through are needed and most likely very welcomed by you.

Sun/Neptune: We are moved by spirit. Dreams are pronounced and day dreams are strong. A creative and very inspired day, Our psyche feels a surge of recovery.

Venus enters Aries, money and resources get fiery. At the same time there is a building push from Pluto basically pissing us off about finances and love life.

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