Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mercury Retro About to End. How is he treating you?

We are in the final days of Mercury retrograde. How is it treating you?
I think for me it has not been as hideous as other mercury retrogrades. Don't get me wrong, I have had the complete miscommunication stuff and technical stuff breakdowns like every retrograde but that really hard, gut wrenching, "why is god punishing me" mercury retro has not been the case with this one.

As we discussed earlier, I believe this Mercury retrograde has made our vision of our future a wee bit soft and fuzzy. I am sure it is part of the reason why it took me the whole waxing moon to build my Treasure Map. We get a vibe of what we want but maybe not complete clarity. But frankly, that is okay in my mind especially with Mars and Uranus out there throwing all kinds of salvos about what we will accept and no longer accept.

One thing I did do was get a new commitment to diet and exercise. At least the diet part this week. Next week the exercise. I think I needed the mercury retrograde in Aries to put both pieces back on the agenda for me. Ah, there is the beauty of going backwards, we can find the stuff we almost forgot we needed to address.

Take the rest of this retrograde to find some of your own lost goals.

Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow April 23 at 5:58am EDT.

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  1. Usually with Mercury in retro I just experience the normal miscommunications and breakdowns that everyone else experiences. This time, however, something kept nudging me to revisit a creative project I'd shelved with no intentions of taking up again. It's funny because I forgot Mercury was in retrograde when I decided to overhaul my book. lol. All in all, a very productive time for me.