Monday, April 18, 2011

Full Moon Libra

Libra Full Moon April 17 10:45pm EDT

This full Moon in Libra the emphasis in on relationships and how they relate to the new “you”. I know most of you are shaking your head “I’m still me, nothing has changed.” Perhaps on the outside but on the inside there is a new you budding through. It may only be embryonic but the change is there. And that new zygote of you – is looking at everyone and wondering, “How do they fit in my life now?” or “How do I fit in with them now?”

It could be subtle but it still is there.

The moon makes a trine and sextile to North Node in Sag and South Node in Gemini which puts the accent on “Assimilating and speaking Truth”. A few months ago we began a two year cycle were we are pulled to tell the truth and stand up for our beliefs. No matter how difficult our emphasis should be on the truth.

Of course we will need to avoid the alternate which is to lie to others, lie to self or intellectualize everything so much that the truth is lost. The Full moon is making a harmonious aspect to the Nodes which will help us understand (Gemini) why the truth (Sag) is personally so important to us. Not theoretically but practically speaking. See if something comes up that tell you, “Man oh, Man I need to be honest about ______”.

At the same time Mars conjuncts Mercury and Mar Opposes Saturn. We want to be active and results oriented but there is something that is thwarting us, slowing us down. It could be frustrating but under it all is the need to be practical about all our choices. Rushing, shooting off our mouth when things don’t go our way will hurt our relationships and not necessarily garner us the results we want or need. Or getting lost in our relationships and not taking care of the things that are personally important will thwart our personal need and desire to grow. The road less traveled in this case is finding a balance between being a firestorm or being milk toast.

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