Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well...more time needed over here....

For the first time in 15 years of making Treasure Maps, I did not finish my map in the first three days of Aries New Moon. I had a feeling I might not make it and low and behold I didn't. I have huge deadlines this week and it has taken all my energy. The good news is that I have been hugely productive (maybe too much so?) and I have had solutions when I have needed, that is auspicious for the year. But back to the map, I will certainly have it done before Full. I would like to finish it on 1/4 but I don't think I can make that one.

STrangely, I am relaxed about missing the date. I do love the 50 percent I have finished but I just felt a vibe say, "hold off until later."

Anyway, if any of you had similiar issues, hurdles, hang in there. We'll finish our maps before Full. I just know it.

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  1. So interesting! I have been in the same boat! I have had the choice between treasure map, and late night, much needed house cleaning, and have opted for the latter out of necessity. As well as the feeling that once my home is entirely "pure" I will be ready to take on this year. it has been an extremely productive time, in addition to purifying, to reclaim areas of my home, by donating unnecessary belongings. Map awaits me, and I am just waiting for that spark that says "now is the time!" Leaving one job, starting another, husband taking a full load of classes while working full time, finishing freelance work, and balancing two children, my plate has been full!!! There have been solutions though, and I am quite grateful for that!