Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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As always, Ray Merriman offers up something that you don't see everywhere.
On the topic of Mars Retro/Direct.....

This week is significant for many of the reasons given in last week’s column. Venus will be trine to Mars on Sunday, March 7, marking the end of the soft and harmonious aspects. Venus will then enter into opposition with Saturn on Tuesday, March 9, and square to Pluto on March 11. These later two signatures pertain to concerns regarding the continuing debt explosion around the world, and the increased possibility of default by some nations.

But this week is also significant because Mars will now end it retrograde motion on Wednesday, March 10. The station is taking place in zero degrees of Leo, in a trine aspect to Venus, which is moving from Pisces into Aries. This is a very “passionate” set up, indicating that people have strong feelings or beliefs they are willing to fight for. But with Mars stationary, the agreeable desires of Venus are likely to be trumped by the aggressive and forceful nature of Mars and Aries. It could be a week of higher volume than usual on the stock exchanges, which in turn could lead to large price ranges, especially in commodities.

and my favorite insight:

One other note of interest. I oftentimes refer to Mars retrograde as the “Falkland Islands” aspect. You may remember in February-May 1982, when Mars was retrograde, Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands, which was under the dependency of the United Kingdom. It was at that time I came to understand that the aggressor under Mars Rx is usually the loser, for Argentina suffered a humiliating defeat. Now, under the current Mars retrograde, the Falkland Islands are again caught in a sovereignty dispute between UK and Argentina.

I haven't thought about the Falkland's in years. Very interesting.

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