Sunday, March 14, 2010

Preparing for YOUR Treasure Map

We are down to the final month before Treasure Map.

First of all if you are unaware of what is a Treasure Map go HERE for all the details. The Treasure Map New Moon will take place in the middle of April this year. Yes, that is a month away but there is plenty you can do now that will get your prepared so you can have the best Treasure Map Moon ever. The first order of business is clean your effin' house! I am not your mother and you are not in the 9th grade but let me say it in the most nagging voice possible, clean the shit out of your house! If it is broken get rid of it. If there is clutter in your bedroom get rid of it. If your drawers are crammed with so much crap you can't get more crap in them..then take those drawers to Mr. Trash Can and dump them. Get the broken stuff out, fix the things with holes and what about the stuff you actually don't like that is in your house----get rid of it!

Why am I saying to clear out your clutter and broken stuff? Because Einstein said it best--"No two things can occupy the same space." Simply said if you have got crap in your life, that crap is taking up space in your life. Valuable space. And when it comes to Treasure Maps you want all the space available. Remember, on Aries new moon (mid April) you are going to make a collage of all the things you want in the following twelve months. And how can you have all that good when your daily life has got a butt load of crap? The answer lies in a broom, a can of pledge and a lot of trips to goodwill, yard sales and Mr. Trash Can. By clearing out the stuff now you will be clearing your brain and your psyche. The space will be amazing. Because it holds so much potential!


  1. Thank you. I'm having people over this year to work on treasure maps. You are a fountain of wonderful information and you have inspired me to get up the courage to create my treasure maps.

  2. Thank you, Debra! I'm cyber blushing.

    I hope next month is a fabulous TreasureMap Moon for you and your friends followed by an rewarding and abundant year.

  3. I must have unconsciously set up last year's TM on the 3-5 year installment plan, and year one was a long, continual de-cluttering process as you describe in this post. On my map there was a corner space devoted to generating a more joyful and equitable partnership with my husband (and a picture of old folks jogging & laughing & the words "Happily Ever After" nearby, and by mid-year (to my shock & surprise) my marriage failed--we are now separated. My intentions of climbing out of poverty (our income has been under $10,000/year for the past several years) saw some headway in that I started teaching part time as an adjunct at a community college, but losing my ex's combined income and receiving maybe $100 a month in child support has definitely taken me a step backward with regard to abundance.
    I'm not bitter as I may sound; if anything, this year has made me even more grateful for my son's health and well-being and for the way our relationship brings me so much joy and a grounded sense of purpose. I'm also grateful that poverty in America is nothing like it can be elsewhere in the world; I've learned to relax about it, keeping in mind that while we have food & shelter our survival is not threatened.
    Although I'm still nursing my wounds, I am hopeful, in part because my life this past year has mirrored so many of the patterns described in this blog and elsewhere. I do believe that this time of transition, although painful at times, is paving the way for something better.
    I do, however, reject the "law of attraction" idea that my personal wishes will come true if only I want them enough, and somehow make myself worthy of them. It is more clear to me than ever that the universe does not revolve around me, but that my best chance for happiness is to learn to ride the waves and serve life and others with as much joy and equanimity as possible.

  4. First of all, Kristin, Big huge HUGS!
    Clearly you have been through an emotional roter rooter. I am so sorry that all of the big upheavals have happened since your first Map. But in this crazy, cukoo world I would say that you must have activated some huge new direction in your life. Which certainly could have been timed with your first map but maybe it is a culmination of many things. Maturity, New contract with Spirit, Maps..they sometimes blurr.
    I can't go into a lot of details on the www but I can say that I had my own world rocked many years ago not by a marriage disolvement but by the loss of an important job. I thought for sure it was the end of some hugely (or so I thought) important dream. What I didn't know what that losing that job ended up sending me to another job and from that job various things occurred not the least being, I met the man who would later be my husband. We've been together 14 years. Anyway, I have lost my train of thought.. (dear lord give me more estrogen) Anyway, it sounds like you are on a good path now. I am so sorry you had any bumps but I do feel like you are on the other side of the rough ride. Did I ever peek at your chart? I can't remember who I did and who I didn't do. I'm assuming you are apart of MDC tribe.


  5. Thanks for the kind & encouraging words, Tracy. I did indeed find you through MDC last year, but although I keep up with your blog regularly, I'm no longer able to spend much time on MDC...

  6. amazing! lasyt year was my 1st treasure map year. i was shopping last weekend and saw some interesting magazines but passed them over but i did make a mental note of titles for this year's treasure map. i didn't get them because we are cutting expenses and cleaning house! about a week ago, the urge to declutter hit me HARD. I have been ruthlessly cleaning the house this past week and have plans to do much more this week. i feel like i am coming upon something significant in life... besides the birth of my 5th child last month. heading off to read pisces new moon now.... just a bit late!

  7. mommysgems,
    you are so ON TIME. I can feel you prepping for TM. It sounds like it is going to be a fruitful new year for you. Oh, and congrats on baby5.