Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A funny little day

Wednesday March 17 Sun conjunct Uranus

If you read my New Moon article which I assume you did, then you know we already have a strong Uranus energy this whole 28 day lunar cycle. But of the 28 days, today is one of the strongest Uranus days.

At 2:50am EDT The Sun conjuncts Uranus. This is like putting the spotlight on the goofiest, oddest, curiousest (not a word) person, situation or event around us. If you are heading in one direction today and you get derailed...don't be surprised. AND don't just blow off that derailment. There may be more in it for you than you know---There is more value than, "Oh, shit, now I have to deal with this." Ask why is this in your lap? Ask, how did this happen? Do you want to have it happen again? What do you need to change about you so it doesn't happen again? And if you feel you can't and it was just a random thing, then leave it at that, a 'random' thing. Nothing to personalize! Why am I saying all this? Because today is the final day that the Sun will conjunct Uranus in Pisces in our lifetime. The next time the Sun gets on top of Uranus will be in the sign Aries. We won't experience this Sun/Uranus in Pisces for another 80 years. And I won't be here to advise you then.
Anyway, be like THE FOOL today which represents Uranus, take a first step for a new journey.

Additionally, Mercury will trine Mars, another energy that is in effect all 28 days but most pronounced today, your mind and your energy are in sync. You can accomplish a lot today. Let no stone go unturned as you embark on your path!
Or, if you like the strange turn of events then ask "Wow, did I make this connection or was it The Universe?" Something bigger than us is at play whenever it involves Pisces.

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