Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ready for lift off, Mars turns direct

On Wedneday, March 10 Mars turns direct at 12:09pm (EST)

Back on New Moon I wrote:


And if the entire Aquarius, eccentric, odd, electrifying energy was not enough, we have got Mars turning direct on March 10. Ever since Mars went into Leo (Fall) we have been driven to find our true, authentic self and our desire to activate that self. Perhaps it is some creative part of ourselves, perhaps it is a leadership role that we have been trying to assume, and perhaps it is just an organic passionate side of ourselves that we no longer want to be dormant. Whatever it is, we have been trying to get a groove on with it but have been stymied. Part of the reason why is because Mars turned retrograde in December which did not temper our desire but did put up a few road blocks. Roadblocks caused by our own ego and pride (yucky Leo words). Now, Mars is ready to turn around and go straight, the deal is that it could be too much fuel at first. And given we are already dissolving things (Neptune), self wounding (Chiron), while finding our spot in Community (Aquarius) and now we have got to put our passion (Mars) and creativity and our need to make everything personal (Leo) into the mix? Lordy, that could be a firestorm! The key is when you feel the energy shift, breathe through it and take your time. If it is a great idea, the passion will be there for you to access forever. You don’t have to do everything at once. BREATHE.

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