Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weird little thoughts on this Aquarius lunar cycle

On Aquarius new moon I wrote that a strong Aquarius energy can show up in brilliant people. One person I was thinking about was Charles Darwin. Darwin who's handsome profile (in a mid 19th century up tight English way) is seen above. For the record he is 45 at the time of this photo-(-gawd they always look so old in those photos) and was about to cause a world riot. That guy? Yeah, that guy. Aquarian that he was, Darwin was an advanced thinker. Way advanced. He was technically a naturalist but what he really was a human earthquake. He said things and the world shook. Don't believe me? Bring up Evolution in the Bible Belt and you'll get a 7.1 on the Richter scale. Yep, evolution that was Darwin's little theory.

So, back to my point (if there is one). I was thinking about Charlie Darwin on New Moon. Then earlier this week I happened to find myself watching some old nerdy shows on my DVR and one of them was all about Mt Vesuvius. It was an interesting show and a wee bit scary. In the last ten years, geologists have been able to determine there is a huge magma reservoir about the size of Manhattan under Mt Vesuvius and Naples. And more importantly there have been two large earthquakes within the area that could indicate an impending eruption. Now here is where things got interesting I learned on the program that this connection between earthquakes and eruptions was made by Charles Darwin.

I had no idea but I kind of sat up on this one. In the show the narration mentioned that Darwin had experienced an earthquake in Chile which was immediately followed by volcanic eruptions. "Huh? Did that narrator say Chile earthquake?"

Now I'm intrigued, I googled Darwin and Chile Earthquake and get this, Charles Darwin was in Chile on his famous cruise (where evolution was born) when an earthquake hit--Darwin wrote:

February 20th. — This day has been memorable in the annals of Valdivia, for the most severe earthquake experienced by the oldest inhabitant. I happened to be on shore, and was lying down in the wood to rest myself. It came on suddenly, and lasted two minutes, but the time appeared much longer. The rocking of the ground was very sensible. The undulations appeared to my companion and myself to come from due east, whilst others thought they proceeded from south-west: this shows how difficult it sometimes is to perceive the directions of the vibrations.

This earthquake precipitated three large volcanic eruptions. Darwin was the first scientist to link the two.

What I thought was intesting was that Darwin's earthquake in Chile was 185 years minus one week. His earthquake was Feb 20 and this week's earthquake was Feb 27.

I don't know what it all means but I do know that my own Venus in Aquarius can have a high antenna during the this lunar phase and if there is a volcanic eruption in Chile or Vesuvius goes off in the somewhat near future, remember this weird little post by me. Or don't. I'm sure I'll be onto something strange by then anyway.

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