Monday, March 15, 2010

Pisces New Moon 2010--The Leap of Faith

Well, I came skidding in at the last possible hour..but I just put up Pisces New Moon! Phew!!

It is a very interesting moon, but frankly, I am getting used to these powerful lunar cycles. As I mentioned at the beginning of the 2010 season --these new moons for this year are potent! And Pisces is no different. The conjunction between Sun/Moon/Mercury and Uranus --with an opposition to Saturn (out of sign) is bringing out a lot of fears and crazy town issues but at the same time we will most definitely have some doors open up for us. And on the other side of that door will be a nice long road to a new experience and perhaps life which includes many realized dreams. I think the fear of the first step is well worth the possibility of living out our dreams. The answer lies in our intuition.

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In the meantime here is a snippet:

“Psst, we are not alone.”

So, there is the Sun and the Moon enjoying themselves in Pisces. They love the good vibes, they love the fact that they can just float, they love the way they can meditate and reflect and just chill out. Of course, when they are misbehaving, they love mind altering substances--- too much. But what they really love is letting things unfold at their own pace. They are not pushing the river back, they are going with the flow. This is the energy of PISCES FISH. Going with the flow. Sounds great, right? Yeah, it is great when it is the Upper Fish. You see the image for Pisces is two fishes. One fish on top of the other which means one fish is heading down the river Head First, the other is heading down the river Tail First. And as one who has been to water parks and had the pleasure, (humiliation) of slipping down one of those big slides backwards, let me tell you it cannot be fun going through life Tail First.

Confused, fearful, insecure, nervous---these are also the energies of Pisces. In fact, the reason why Pisces is often associated with booze and drugs is because people with pronounced Pisces and who are more “Tail First” self-medicate in an attempt to soothe the desperate out-of-control- backward feeling permeating their daily life. And it is not just substances, they can get lost in delusions, religious frenzy, and even artistic expression can be used to such extreme that they cut themselves off from the rest of the world. As tempting as the extreme behavior can be the other solution lies in Pisces turning itself around and being more like its upper fish—Head First.

Of course, this is easier said than done, because the Head First Fish have many gifts but all of them rooted in one of the ugliest, scariest five letter words in the English Language-----TRUST. The Head First Pisces, will meditate and find its inner equilibrium. Or it will tune into prayer, religion, yoga and mysticism to find its inner balance. Or if it is not spiritual in nature, it can turn to science to find its center. But when they turn to science it is not like you or I, they still bring another world to their search. Case in point, Piscean Albert Einstein didn’t get to e equals m c squared by just following someone else’s work, he had to go with the flow as his brain assimilated thousands and thousands of thoughts until finally he found the equation that worked. And although, he may not have characterized it as such when it happened, one can argue that he trusted the crazy abstract thoughts as he processed them. Frankly, I think it is amazing he didn’t go mad with all that kind of brain power. Around the same time that Einstein was doing his scientific work, Edgar Cayce, the famous medium and fellow Piscean was leaving his body and channeling medical advice and future events like world wars. Again, both men could have gone mad from the information that they received. But instead they went with the flow, processed it and at the end of the day, they trusted their experience. Oh, they may have had their doubts but still they stuck with it. And of course, their work stands the test of time

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  1. I commented on your last post before I read your article. This moon is SO where I am right now. Thanks for sharing your insights and this information--each month it helps me frame my reflections upon myself and my journey through life. (I'm a Cancer moon too--the moon always seems to have a particularly strong resonance)

  2. Kristin,
    I went and posted on the other post.
    Ah, I know all about that Cancer Moon. Some days they are hard!