Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's talk about Venus

We've got a lot of Venus going on that needs some 'splaining.
On Sunday, March 7 Venus moves into Aries at 7:33am (EST). Venus in Aries is ardent, a lover of truth, a lover of self motivation, in this place Venus loves to get the hell out there and be heard. She may be beautiful but when Venus is in Pisces she is in a sweet flowery dresses, now in Aries she is in jeans and leather. Sunday will be a very different day then Saturday that is for sure!

Adding to the sparks, later on Sunday at 2:15pm Venus will send some love to her favorite soldier Mars. They will be totally digging each other since Venus is in Mars' favorite sign Aries. Bonnie meet Clyde. It will be all big and glorious. If you and your lover get into any spark inducing fights know that there will be plenty of make up sex with this aspect. It will be curious to see who wins Oscars under this aspects. Additionally, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter at 8:45 pm so I predict wild moments. For those of you who tighten your seat belts when Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon or Tim Robbins enter the house, let me tell you with these aspects I predict bigmouthed crazytown speeches.

And that is just the weekend.

On Tuesday,March 9th Venus opposes Saturn. Here we get a big fat cold shower on all things we love and value. It is a cold day in Hell. Our money feels off, our love feels off. And yes, we do look fat in that dress.

We sort of have Wednesday to get our wits about us. I say "sort of" because Mars is going to make a switch which will has a lot of energy in it. (see next post)

And then on Thursday at 12:36pm Venus squares Pluto. Twice a year we get this aspect and it is no day in the country. Venus loves money and beauty and pluto loves power and these two are not getting along. What this means is anyone's guess but I tell you I would suggest this not be a comforting day or week on the stockmarket. And probably some kind of dirty laundry will be flapping in the wind for all to see. Yuch.

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