Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Venus Uranus

On Wednesday March 3 at 11:07pm EST Venus will hook up with Uranus. This happens once a year and it is always good for odd energy since "Strange Bedfellows" is THE catchphrase for Venus conjunct Uranus. "Huh, they are a couple, who knew?"

If on Wednesday some out of the blue bonus lands in your lap you can thank Venus and Uranus. Of course, like all of these transiting aspects they create a nice environment but how they impact you personally is really more about where it hits your natal chart. This is aspect is taking place at 26 Pisces (25 and change) so what ever house has got that degree you should expect some quirky weird bedfellow. And if you have anything at 26 Virgo, Gemini and Sag well, it might be a bumpy thing that lands on your lap. Persevere. It too shall pass.

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