Saturday, February 27, 2010

SuperMoons & Earthquakes

The Chile Earthquake has taken place about a day before Virgo Full Moon. The Virgo Full Moon is perigee (close to earth) and syzgy which identifies this as a SuperMoon. SuperMoons are associated with the work of astrologer Richard Nolle (who interestingly enough, I posted a link to his website on Monday discussing the aspects of this summer.) A few years ago I mentioned Richard and the SuperMoons HERE

I've gone over to his site to see what he had to say about February and I found THIS. I think you will find it interesting.


  1. Wow. Freakily accurate.

  2. Agree Tracy. Twas a very potent Moon.

    This was the 2nd of 5 consecutive super full moons of 2010. The 4th one has the Jupiter/Uranus opp Saturn dynamic. The 5th one is at 6 Gem/Sag. Almost the same degree as the nodal placement (5 Gem/Sag) in June 2012 during the Venus transit across the Sun.

    The cosmic pump is getting primed.

  3. Won't we love #4 and #5.
    Maybe the pump needs roto rooter. Gross

  4. If only we had known his site before....
    I would have put my tent outside in the garden and waited.... instead of getting awake by this terrible sound of the earthquake at 4am on this particular night.

    Do you know what we all remember most from this night? Apart from the house shaking, the glass breaking and the fear?... THE FULL FULL MOON, GIGANTIC AND BRILLANT..... which also gave us the great fortune to be able to see something, until the fact that it was thanks to her that, running, we got able to find out our way through the house to the exit door.

    Thanks for your site, really liked it.