Monday, February 22, 2010

The Summer of 2010

You know that feeling when you've been cooking for days and days and you just can't eat your own food anymore? Even if it is Turkey sandwich, you just need someone else's version of a turkey sandwich rather than your own. You know that feeling? That is how I feel about the Cardinal Cross/Climax/TSquare of this summer. I have been talking about it for a couple years and sometimes I'm over the sound of my own voice.

With that in mind, I thought I would share another perspective about this Summer's activities. Richard Nolle is a highly respected Astrologer. Here's what he has to say: (GO TO THE LINK for the whole magillah)

That 2008-2010 Saturn-Uranus opposition series concludes this year with the April 26 and July 26 apparitions. While both alignments mark times of great social, political and economic import – give or take several weeks either way, because these planets move so slowly - the July 26 alignment appears to be especially momentous. It occurs under a full moon, and includes Mars conjunct Saturn, opposed by Jupiter conjunct Uranus, all squared up to Pluto in Capricorn – the signature T-Square of the year, with the Red Planet and a full moon thrown in for good measure. Mars is integral to both of this year’s final Saturn-Uranus oppositions. It’s still in its Mars Max phase for the one in April, and is part of the opposition for the one in July. These are indications that the H1N1 pandemic is still a public health threat through mid-year, at least. But that’s not the half of it.

There’s an element of social strife to any Saturn-Uranus opposition, as economic hardship grows and the consequent suffering attains critical mass. Consider the "Tea Party" movement in the US and the Green Revolution in Iran, for example. Both arose during the 2008-2009 Saturn-Uranus oppositions, and both countries were suffering under the burden of high unemployment at the time. With Mars playing a big role in the 2010 concluding alignment of Saturn and Uranus – further complicated by the other planets involved, the T-Square, etc. – I’m expecting a bang-up finish.


  1. Well, April 26th is my son's birthday, so I'll be celebrating and not participating in any strife.

    And July... wow, extra intense. The teabaggers, despite the ridiculous name, are sometimes scary (as is their semi-covert racism). I found it amazing that within a day of the guy flying his plane into the IRS building, there was a Republican Congressman making a speech at CPAC and encouraging his listeners to " throw a crowbar through the window of big government!" Heck, why stop with a crowbar, when you could use an airplane!?! Makes me love Obama all the more for his determined civility.

  2. Yeah, Zann, I think Uranus Move into Aries in Spring will bring out even more heated crazies.

  3. Sorry, hit post before I was ready. The Opposition in April is the final round of mutable Saturn/Uranus. At this point I think we might already be, I hesitate to say "used" to it. It is that one in the summer when we're in the cardinals that it could be a bit overwhelming. I say we need to keep our center. Work the phases and see what inner prompts we get. hugs