Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aquarius New Moon 2010!

Well, I don't know if we are ready for this lunar cycle but whether we are or not it is coming. We have a strange weird road in front of us but if you think back on it, we have already been on a curious trip, thing is now about to get a lot more curiouser.

As always you will find my entire new moon article posted HERE (Margaret Wendt's website). But I do want to give you a snippet. Go to the link for the whole article. There is a lot there that I think you will find interesting.

With the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron all squished together this lunar cycle we will find each of us looking for our own unique drummer. We will want to be brilliant, we will want to be innovative, we will want to break free and carve our own way. But at the same time we have to be careful that we are not just being a rebel for its own sake and we need to watch our dogma. If I didn’t mention it, Aquarius is one of THE most stubborn signs of the zodiac. All the fixed signs are stubborn but there is something about Aquarius and perhaps because they are so invested in doing things THEIR way that makes their stubborn energy difficult to navigate for many of us humans. I mean a Leo can be stubborn but on some level they are easier to understand because they are so human.

Watch your own independence kick in this cycle. For 28 days you may find yourself standing up for something that you would not have even thought about three months ago but now it seems so important, especially if it involves community. At the same time are you being a rebel? Are you being drawn into something that feels electric? Take note of people in the news are they full of charisma and able to charm the world with their electric energy or are they just downright crazy and walk into the room and suck up the energy. And during this cycle, which one are you?

Now what about Neptune and Chiron? Neptune is our connection to Spirit and or God. Neptune is the planet that fills the void as we contemplate The Creator and his/her plan for us or Neptune creates a void as we feel confident no one is listening to our pleas and prayers. Neptune can bring in red rosy glasses, illuminating a beam of light on a passionate nun. But Neptune also dissolves those things that we felt for certain would be here forever.

Chiron is the great healer but it starts with a wound. Wherever Chiron is in our personal charts we will self wound. It is the exact spot where we screw up and we know deep down it is our fault. It hurts and at some point we usually make changes and heal some part of our behavior until we screw up again. Through this conflict we gain and what we gain would not have come to us without the conflict. Unfortunately, the best we can usually do with what we gained is by helping others. Oh, did you think you would screw up and say an apology and then get the goodies? No. It doesn’t work that way with Chiron. You improve your life by helping others through your own misdeeds. Ah, remember that as the cycle unwinds.


  1. I agree Tracy about the difficulty in distilling these Moon cycles into a 28 day frame. The waves of energy building are quite amazing and challenging. Unprecedented in many ways.

    From a wider perspective, I see the New Moon chart as a template for the next 13 years about how society can move into a higher vibrational state. Sure sets the stage for Pluto's 2023 movement into Aquarius.

    Within the New Moon chart, two Yods point to significant adjustments required to attune to this evolving Aquarius theme. That the Saturn/Pluto square links the two Yods makes this all the more compelling, especially given this summer's cardinal climax.

    Next month's Pisces New Moon is quite the intense one too, with Sun/Moon joining Uranus/Mercury. Seems the Universe is saying "buckle your seat belts" for an emotional roller-coaster.

  2. Joseph,
    I agree the yods are potent. It is almost as if Pluto and Saturn are putting players on their teams. "Hey, Jupiter Venus, Mars get on my team." "No, get on my team." The burdens and the responsibilites of Saturn and the demand for change and transformation from Pluto are ligtening rods. I am not sure how this is all going to play this summer but god, it is hard not to get the willies.

    I sometimes think about Pluto in Aquaris and I look at my small son and I think, "Why did you want that period during your youth?'
    No answers here.

    please post more, Joseph. Enjoyed your comments.