Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon Virgo

Virgo Full Moon February 28 11:38 am (EST)

The Full Moon at 10 degrees of Virgo is in opposition to the Sun (that’s what makes a full moon) at 10 degrees of Pisces. Humanitarian, spiritual, connecting to the bigger picture is Pisces. Virgo is the nitty, gritty, the stuff that is in our hands, the stuff that we are doing right now in front of us. To say it simply, Pisces is the Macro and Virgo is the micro. This full moon will put the pressure on both areas. We are trying to take care of business but at the same time we are asking the big, unanswerable questions.

For those who sometimes wonder if there is a god or a bigger, higher power--- we may be challenged a wee bit more on this full moon because the stuff that makes our daily life could be so overwhelming and so stressful that we keep asking “Why me? Why now? Why am I dealing with this?”. Of course, that’s the Virgo talking because Pisces knows there is no answer to any “Why?” question.

Additionally on this Full Moon, Jupiter is throwing all its weight to the problem or solution. As we know Jupiter is the largest planet and when it meets with The Sun (an annual occurrence) it shoots up the sign with a huge dose of steroids. It has been a dozen years or so since The Sun and Jupiter met up in Pisces so you might want to go back to your diary to figure out what was going on February 1998 and see if you have some stuff come up from that period. Where ever Jupiter goes it has the power to exaggerate and with a Jupiter conjunct Sun in Pisces there can be issues around zealotry, religious extremes, mysticism, humanitarianism along with depression, ennui, and booze and drugs can be pronounced. The Virgo Moon puts the emphasis on how you live your daily life. If you have a good set of routines or habits then the Jupiter energy off over there on the other side of the teeter totter may reward you with a little boon. Not necessarily a lottery win but maybe the comfort of knowing that when the world starts rocking’ you seem to be able to breathe through the bumps and make your way through. At the same time, if you do not have solid routines and daily behaviors then expect a tough full moon as the emotions could reach a high water mark.

There is one area on the full phase that is quite beneficial and that is a beautiful trine between the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. When Pluto has a positive aspect with another planet there is emphasis on power or empowerment. With a Moon Trine Pluto our survival instinct is high and if it means shedding or cutting our losses for the benefit of our future---and quess what? We're willing to do it. Watch your casual thoughts during this phase. See if your daydreams (Pisces) lead you to thoughts of new areas and growth (Pluto) that expand your world (Jupiter) and a whole new daily life (Virgo). Those Daydreams could be a road map to your future.

Burn a light.

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