Friday, December 6, 2013

Crescent Phase --Let's get inspired, have fun or laugh

I am compelled during the Sag lunar cycle, Crescent phase to share links that will inspire you, ignite you, encourage you, activate you or just make you laugh.    I asked some friends for their suggestions as we make our way on our own personal journeys (there's a Sag word).     I hope this elevates your vibration.

Do you know about Hay House Radio?   It was started by Louise Hay and all of your favorite speakers  usually have a show on HayHouse.  Go click on it now and see who is speaking.  It might be just the thing you need to hear.

How old are you?  Well, what is your mental age?  Can we really measure it?  I'm not sure but my friend offered up this link to "My Mental Age Test" and I couldn't resist.   Apparently, I'm 36--at least mentally.   My body is much older!

Bach Flowers.  Where to begin?  When I walk by all the little Bach Flower bottles at Whole Foods, I just want to stop and read about each one.  But since I do not live in a world where I could ever take that amount of time at Whole Foods because one spoiled child and one spoiled husband would never allow it.   I happy to report my friend Kac has written a quick read book on Bach Flowers. Really very simple to read and super informative.  Just perfect.


I mentioned this on FB,  Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.   OMG, I laughed pretty hard at several of them.  They are just weird enough and Jerry is good with them.  They aren't very long.  I loved CarlReiner/Mel Brooks, Don Rickles and Alec Baldwin.   They are my favorites.   But I did enjoy the others as well, Bob Einstein so weird and I did laugh.  I liked Sarah Silverman a lot.  Anyway, watch one or two of them for levity.

Are you a mother who is financially struggling?   Take a look at these resources.  The website is free. You may have to join to read the list of resources but they don't spam you.  A lot of my cyber friends I met through

My friend Justine offered up Adrienne LaPorte, who "Fires Up" her listeners.   Justine digs her and I trust Justine.   Give it a listen.

My friend told me about  NextDoor website.   It is really cool.  My neighborhood started with 4 people and now six weeks later we have about 80 people.  Very helpful.

I probably should have put this up during Scorpio Phase---but I am putting it here since my friend owns this store and she is a Sag.   MUF is Melrose Urban Female, is a store where you can shop for all your adult toy needs.   All very discreet.   No creepy people, just my friend and her staff.

I downloaded a great weight loss APP on my phone.  LOSE IT is free and fantastic.  Adding calories and tracking your exercise could not be any easier.   Join me as I get a jump start on a skinner me in 2014!

 Did you pick a crystal?  I have it on my FB page.  It is fun.   Pick one and see what your choice means?   Pretty perfect…..

I'm crazy for composer Thomas Newman.  He is part of the uber Sountrackmakin' Newman Family.  Perhaps my favorite Newman…..perhaps.

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