Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Moon New Year

Happy New Year and Happy New Moon.   I just put up the New Moon article HERE.

It is a cranky moon. I won't try to soft peddle it.   It is going to be a wee bit bumpy these next 28 days. But it is not without a purpose.  If anything comes up for you during this month you need to take full advantage of the rough spots and get VERY practical.  Fix stuff.  It is broken, you know it is broken, you may have been kidding yourself that it is no big deal---but it is a big deal.    Capricorn energy is very practical and resourceful, you have the ability to get on the other side of your issues.  If you are willing to do the work.   Did I say it is going to get rough?  Oh, yeah, I said it twice and now a third time.
Make it work for you.

Here is a snippet of the article.

Those of us who have been paying attention know that in the fall of 2008 Pluto went into Capricorn—it was then the bottom dropped out of the world’s economy.   We continue to slog through Pluto’s trek but the Capricorn energy is all up our grill.  Corporations, corporate banking, institutions, big government, big politics --this is Capricorn.       Beating out a successful career, coming up with something that the world wants, producing events, products or endeavors is Capricorn.    What Capricorn energy is not is fuzzy, wasteful, warm and cozy.   It is none of that, Capricorn is practical with a capital P.  

On this Capricorn New Moon the Sun & Moon are right on top of intense Pluto along with Mercury.     For twenty-eight days, the pressure to be practical will be huge.    I wish I owned stock in the Container Store.   People will be clearing out junk (Pluto) like there is no tomorrow, people will be having intense conversations that are not soft and easy but focused on realistic (Mercury) goals or real-world situations. 

Where are we going to be practical?   Good question.  Let’s continue.

The New Moon chart has Sun/Moon/Mercury & Pluto in Capricorn getting a square from Uranus and a square from Mars and an opposition from Jupiter.  Those aspects are no day at the fair.   We started talking about these grand crosses last year and as I indicated the aspects will be slogging it out all winter and early spring.    By the time we get to May we will be past a lot of the hurdles but between now and then we will all have moments when we feel like we are in a wringer.   Or more specific we will burn off some Karma.     

This particular New Moon is activated by the outer planet aspects more than other new moons.  Not sure why we had to begin the year with such a pronounced lesson but so be it.    Those people in the United States who lost unemployment benefits last week are feeling Uranus and Pluto square.   Those travelers at the Russian train station and metro stop that was bombed this weekend also felt Uranus, Pluto and Mars.   

This Capricorn lunar cycle will be a wonderful (yes, I’m using that word) opportunity for us to see where we need to make cuts (Mars), ditch old stuff (Pluto), stretch our emotions (Jupiter) and change self (Uranus in Aries).    But  let’s face it, people are lazy and need to be pushed to make changes.   So expect some pushes from the Universe that will ‘help’ us make changes.   Or as we say in the metaphysical world, “If you don’t make the changes, then the Universe will. “

…go to LINK for all of the article.

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