Monday, December 2, 2013

New Moon: Sagittarius 2013

Today, December 2 at 7:22pm EST begins the New Moon in Sagittarius.  And I want you to know I moved mountains to get this report out in time.  It is a major pain in the ass when the Sag New Moon takes place at the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday break.   Lots of family stuff can get in the way.  But  I got it up!

The whole report can be found HERE.   I hope you will follow the prompts that the Universe sends to you during this 28 day cycle.   A lot of them will show up during the waxing phase but if they don't they may come get your attention albeit with more stress later in the month.   No matter what remember this is the time to find a beacon.   Everyone needs a light to follow when they begin a new journey.  Including you.

Here is a snippet. Go to link for full write up.

December 2, 2013 7:22pm EST
10 Sagittarius 59

Here we are at the last new moon of 2013.   As we know the zodiac calendar ends in March but our life calendar the one that we are so reliant upon is in its final month. For many of us, we will want to look back at 2013 and assess our successes and failures but with the Sagittarius New Moon we must not look back, instead we should look to our future because Sag excels by providing a light for a path.  It is a beacon.  

Sagittarius is enthusiastic, optimistic and a highly energetic sign.  As children the Sag child is open and full of wonder often with an inner confidence that leads them to make friends with people who are out of their tribe.   They are wired to see opportunity everywhere.  Sag energy is a natural communicator, teacher or writer and connects to humor even in he most dire situations.  Are we surprised that Mark Twain was a Sag?   But when the Sag energy goes south it goes very south.  Judgmental, opinionated, religious zealot, prejudiced bigots and huge know-it- alls—you ask, “What is the root of all that sourness?”  It is disappointment, acknowledged or unacknowledged, and of course a complete lack of faith even when they profess to be spiritual.   

The symbol for Sagittarius is the centaur.  A mythical creature who is half man half horse holding a bow and arrow.   The centaur has his bow up in the sky, his arrow pulled back ready to shoot.   A processed Sag must always have a target to shoot his arrow.   If he doesn’t, well go back and read what he looks like when he is sour.    

A thriving Sag energy will be go for physical or mental accomplishments and it even when pushed comes to shove it will go for  finally jumping over emotional hurdles.  The bottom line is Sag sees a target and goes for it. 

The planet Jupiter rules Sag and it is the largest planet in our solar system.  On Jupiter there is a spot which is called the red eye.  That eye is a perpetual storm constantly swirling and is so large it can fit two or three Earths inside it.  That is big.  When Sag is big it is big.   And the swirling storm speaks to the Sag energy of unrest and searching.   Do you think this is the new moon to stay small?  Do you think this is the new moon to stay with the status quo? I see you shaking your head, ‘no’.  Good.

The Sag new moon is when we acknowledge our own unrest, not to grumble or complain but to connect with our own “what if?”    Where do we want to expand our knowledge?  Where do we want to utilize our ‘know-it-all-ness?  Where are we smart?  How are we using it?  Where do we want to be big?  Where do we want to build a bridge?    How do we want to expand our world?  Where do we want to travel?   How do we want to connect to religion or if not religion then how are we connecting to our philosophies?   Are we really living our philosophy or are we a hypocrite?  Oh, there is a yucky Sag word.

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  1. Excellent, Tracy! A Sag oughtta know! Mars in my 12th has me purging the clutter of the past to create harmony and balance (I hope). Well, there's a lot of garbage and a bit more space.

  2. Is it natal mars or transiting Mars?