Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Look Ahead

On Monday 5/17 (6:57am EDT) Venus will square Jupiter which is always hard on our wallets and our love. Everything gets too stretched too indulged. Of course there is no void nearly as great as spiritual emptiness. With a square from Venus in Gemini people will be talking a lot about their money, their love, their values but under all that talk is a real question about their connection to spirit (Jupiter in Pisces). It is amazing how people fill holes with all kind of stuff.

on Tuesday 5/18 Venus squares Saturn. Traditionally this is a bitch of an aspect again for money and love but since the day before Jupiter pushed indulgence we may welcome this pressure to restrict and turn stingy. And then at the end of the day at 6:12 pm Venus will be very inspired by Neptune. Evolved, connecting to a higher self, the muses will be talking to us all.

On Wednesday 5/19 Venus moves into Cancer and gives us nice cozy feel followind by a Merucry trine Pluto at 2:47 pm which is great for mental capacity. A serious good time to do hard mental tasks. Also a good day to cut through the bullshit with people on important discussions. And then we end the day with a zinger between Venus and Uranus at 3:41pm. uranus demands that Venus shake her booty and go crazy with him or the opposite, Venus tries to coax and calm Uranus down. Ha! As if either wants to do it.

On Thursday 5/20 Sun trines Uranus which brings out great creativity and innovation (5:48 pm) and then at 11:34 Sun enters Gemini. On 5/21 Sun squares Chiron which you can read about in my previous post.

Carry on.

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