Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lil ' Kim is at it again

New York (CNN) -- The rising tension over the sinking of a South Korean warship is particularly dangerous because the intentions and actions of North Korea's leadership appear more mysterious than ever, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

The South Korean government has accused the North of firing a torpedo at the ship, killing 46 sailors, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has backed South Korea's call for North Korea "to come forward with the facts regarding this act of aggression and, above all, stop its belligerence and threatening behavior." North Korea, responding to an anti-submarine exercise by South Korea, warned Thursday it would meet "confrontation with confrontation" and war with "all-out war."

Zakaria told CNN, referring to the North Koreans, "What's striking is that this was probably the most provocative thing that they have done in at least a decade, and yet it remains somewhat inexplicable."

Now I am going to tell you right out of the box, that I, like everyone else who can read an online paper--think Kim Il Jung is a nutjob. He tends to turn up the rehteroic when he is ignored which he perceives as marginalized. He gets blustery, shoots off some kind of missle into the Pacific, yells about what he is going to do to South Korea and Japan--- basically maintains his postion as the neighborhood D-bag.

Normally, I would probably only give him a 'ho hum' but given the upcoming Cardinal Cross and Uranus' impending move into Warrior Aries....well, I am a bit concerned. Do we really need a war on the Korean Peninsula? Haven't we btdt? And why now and not the other times when he has lost his marbles?

There is some fuzzy factor with Kim's chart but we do know he has Sun in Aquarius, his moon is probably in Libra, we do not know his ascendant. But we do know that Neptune is retrograding this weekend and heading for another exact conjunction with his sun which can bring out the crazy in already crazy town. (notice in the article that his move is being characterized as mysterious--perfect Neptune word). Plus Neptune will square his Mars. Neptune diffuses Mars energy and whether it is actual or perceived there is an overwhelming feeling of impotence. Now, if you are crazy and have a million soldiers at your beck and call--what would you do if you felt powerless? Perhaps send them into a war? Perhaps. Or maybe it will just be about rhetoric. I certainly hope so. There are other aspects to his chart, involving his natal Neptune, Pluto and North Node. I will keep my fingers crossed that he will just sputter over there on his peninsula of crazy and not send the world into a tizzy. Aren't our hands full enough?

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  1. I love your blog. You had me at "Lil' Kim"!

  2. Yeah, he is suck a freak show, I love calling him lil'kim. Thank you.