Monday, May 31, 2010

Troubled Waters

There have been problems in the mideast since Cain served Able a burnt pita. And although, I wasn't there when the brothers got into it, I have been hearing the mideast issues my entire lifetime and probably like the next person, a bit numb to it all. But now since I am so keyed into Uranus' move into Aries (and Jupiter soon enough) the action that happened today has got my hair standing on end. This could have problems that are far reaching. I hope not but god knows the cardinal cross is bringing out the worst in some.



  1. I know it's edgy but all in all it's good that something is happening for the people of Gaza. I've known Israel is a monster for a long time. Who are they to think they own that area and can dictate how the rest of the world interacts with it? And the U.S. gov't's complicity also makes me burn.

  2. I don't profess to know the ins and outs of Gaza, West Bank, Israel, Egypt etc. I know there are tunnels and I know there is a huge wall in Jeruseulem. It is all yucky. I also know that China backs Kim Il Jung because it is against China's interest for a united korean pennisula--and at the same time we buy goods made in China and they buy our debt. I also know that BP's oil is going all over the Gulf but many people in Louisana and Texas and the rest of the Gulf States have BP and other oil companies for employers. Is it hypocrisy are deliberately obtuse--- it is all awful. Really at its core I go back to Pluto in Capricorn--If a person/company/industry/leader who is at the top (Capricorn of course) of a pyramid and they are corrupt it will be found out now. Everything is getting exposed and we have to decide where we are on it.
    Not easy, right?

  3. I'm not a big media ingester, trying to be selective about what I let in. But here's a bit I read today that (for lack of a less flaky word) resonates, especially the 2nd video. Look at the comments too. There are some people "getting it". The Obama administration has a certain tactic, remaining silent on what they hope will just disapear off the publicity radar. No response to Wikileaks, no response to this. But then nothing will ever change and Gazans will have their food rationed, not getting luxury items like bananas and meat for however long it takes to starve / break them?

    If anyone looks and is allowed to report it we might find the weapons used by the Israeli soldiers to kill the people on the flotilla were made by America / bought by Americans, just like American Rachel Corrie was driven over by an American-made tractor in Gaza, by Israeli forces. How much should we tolerate? The world's Muslem community looks at Palestine and sees our complicity, Americans have been trained not to care and then are surprised by their's weird.

    (Yeah .. it's not easy .. it's getting to be a biiig headfcuk.)

  4. Thank you for the link. It led me to more pieces on RT. Very informative.

    "Food insecurity" ---sort of says it all.