Friday, May 28, 2010

A take on Zero Aries

I was over on MountainAstrologer website and found a nice write up on Zero Aries.(Where Uranus will be all summer) Take a read of the whole thing HERE

but here is a snippet:

As has been noted, the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Aries Point (0º Libra), in July 1969, was the very day that man first walked on the Moon. My sister, Kate, suggested to me today that this upcoming conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus (exact on June 8th) is like “our own personal walk on the Moon.” Our sense of personal authenticity, self-realization (this is Aries, after all) and scope for what is possible can all expand beyond the previous limits or boundaries. We experience a quickening of our unique gift to the greater world. The next conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus are back in the sign of Pisces where the collective field prevails, so this is a rare time of individual awakening to potential.

Any planet or point in the horoscope at 0º – 2º degrees of the cardinal signs is the most obvious place to look. And, we can get more specific if we study the midpoints that are on the AP in the natal horoscope.

I know someone who has the Sun-Uranus on the AP. In part, the Pluto-Saturn ending has been noticeable in regards to a certain gentleman who has played a big role in her life. After many years of entanglement, he is now irrevocably (and suddenly) out of the picture. This situation is concurrent with her newly invigorated commitment to her own creative and unique work life.


  1. I'll be spending the 9th and 10th in Beijing - as of now, free, open days without any plans.

    Just me, a camera, a spare battery.

    I've thought of looking into where they're selling contraband endangered animal parts so I can photo / film camera looks like it's just a regular camera but has video capacity as well. Or maybe meeting up with people engaged in getting the word out about not buying the animal products, ngo's.

    The conjunction is on my Chiron - squaring my part of fortune, ascendant, Mercury (those last two it's already passed).

  2. Ah, you are feeling brave, aren't you, Christine. Tread carefully.


  3. the other day I got an email that reads, in part:
    "It's been nearly 40 years seen Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan became
    the last man to walk on the lunar surface, but at you can take your own journey over the
    lunar surface."