Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cardinal Cross with a Tea

Some times we have to state the obvious. If anyone thinks that the Tea Party is not apart this cardinal cross (t square) energy then they are highly mistaken. I will be honest my politics do not fall in this camp. But I also know that the first opposition between Saturn and Uranus (virgo/pisces) took place on November 4, 2008. Obama won on the energy of "change you can believe in." And now here we are a few short weeks after the final oppositon in the signs virgo/pisces and seasoned moderate politicians are out, Senator Bennett (UT) and now last night we saw changes in Kentucky and Pennslyvannia. What does this mean? What's that old Dylan lyric? "I don't need a weathervane to know which way the wind is blown'"

However, I will say this, the next and final opposition between Saturn and Uranus will take place in July but it will not be in Pisces and Virgo---It will be in Aries and Libra. This is "going my own way" versus 'working as a team". Let's see what that looks like but my guess is NOT going to be pretty.


  1. From the Lynn Hayes article: "The Grand Cross is a powerful alignment that creates resistance that erupts into conflict and, ultimately, resolution. Our resistance to change will be revealed under these influences and we will have to let go in order to ride the wave into a new future."

    I'd place the Tea party in the "resistance to change" category... The undercurrent of "I want to keep what's mine for the benefit of me & mine" in much of their rhetoric strikes me as an ethic which needs to evolve--we are interdependent upon one another & our ecosystem and cannot sustainably function as miserly islands unto ourselves.

    What do you make of the growing trend of homesteading and the exposing of industrial food practices in movies like Food INC and Fresh in light of this major transformation? Two recent news stories which speak to me that the times they are a'changin' are the rejection (by burning) of seeds donated by Monsanto to Haitian relief efforts (they favor rebuilding with a sustainable agricultural model) and the admission of the feds that "Oh, looks like that toxic junk in the environment probably does cause cancer; you know there never were adequate studies to prove they are safe..." (

    As for the grand cross, part of me (Cancer moon) feels apprehensive about any pain & suffering that may occur, but I'm also excited and hopeful (Gemini sun & Rising Aquarius) about the prospects for a more connected & conscious humanity.

  2. All good thoughts, Kristin. I agree on all your points. I was posting on Lynn's blog today that I have been thinking that when saturn and uranus move out of the pisces/virgo opposition that the 'empowering' the fringe may fall away of sorts. Pisces is very much about Fringe. Hell, it should be called the fringe sign. But when Uranus leaves Pisces and gets in Aries, get out of the way.

    Regarding seeds..this lines up with my point which I have mentioned here several times, that Cancer rules Food. That is the 'open' part of the T Square but by transitions it becomes a grand cross. Meaning, when the close planets, like Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus hit early Cancer they form Squares with the cardinal planets. Right now the only one in his position is Pluto (Cap), the other guys will be there in the next weeks. But I do note that Venus left Gemini last night and went into Cancer and is in the early degrees and the stock market is volatile again. Remember Venus is a money planet because it is values.

    But back to food/seeds. Yes, I think there is going to be issue around both this summer.