Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sun Trine Saturn and other stuff

today May 18 and tomorrow May 19th we have in order Venus Square saturn 4:16am (edt) then Venus trine Neptune 6:12pm, Sun trine Saturn 8:27pm all today. Then tomorrow (19th) we have Sun square Neptune, Mercury trine Pluto 2:47pm, Venus square Uranus 3:41pm. Venus enters Cancer 9:06pm.

Of all of the above, perhaps Venus in Cancer is the one to watch globally speaking. I won't bog us down on that right now.

But the way I see this for us personally is that we may have something come up that bugs us in the morning (venus square Saturn). Just some kind of shitty email perhaps (maybe an overdraft charge from a bank?). As annoyed as whatever it is that starts our day 'off' we should pay attention to it because we can marshall our resources and energy to come up with a solution with Saturn trine Sun. We then tomorrow can use the Mercury Pluto energy to our benefit for any hard, intense work that needs a lot of mental energy. Great day to do taxes or that kind of thing. Perhaps we are still working on that solution we needed from Tuesday. Additionally, we can expect something yucky come up that puts the emphasis on uncertainty with Sun Square Neptune and then Venus and Uranus put additional focus on changing values. Expect a rub. And then when we go to bed Venus quietly moves in Cancer. Astrologers will watch that move with their own score card.

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