Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, baby, it is so much more than a Sag Full Moon!

May 27, 7:07pm EDT --- SAG Full Moon

Okay, let's take this slow and easy. First of all you all know what happens with a full moon. Tensions and stresses surround us. A person says something and we go off on them. If we are feeling less than or our self esteem is shaky we can be jittery and impatient. Our fuses are decidedly short. At the same time, if we are feeling positive and optimistic it will be WAY over the top. "I lovvvvveee that restaurant!" --- Finding the middle ground is tough, basically, it is like we are living in a high tide and the seas are rough. That, my friends is a basic full moon and guess what? This is no ordinary full moon.

On a Sag full moon we are expanding our world, we are stretching, we can be philosophical, we can be big, we can welcome 'foreign' thoughts, ideas or people. We enjoy religion, education and sports. We set our sights on a target, aim and fire---bulls eye! That's the high road of Sag--but on a full moon the negative Sag can also be in play, 'over the top,' zealot, extravagant, righteous, racist, proselytizer, hypocritical all and all---a horses' ass.

At the same time The Gemini Sun is pulling on our need to communicate. We 'must' get our thoughts out. We must let the other person 'know' something. Whether that something is completely true is questionable. Sag can exaggerate and Gemini is not comfortable telling the whole story. Rhetoric is high. But Gemini is fun and Sag is humorous so in the middle of all the National Enquirer Headlines, we can find some laughs.

The good news is that the moon is in a positive aspect to Uranus. Uranus is the catalyst of change and emotionally we will feel supported to make changes. If something comes up that needs a new response from us, we may be willing to go along with it. If something odd and strange comes up, we can possibly go with the flow ---trusting that the move we make, even if it is new for us (that's a change) will take us to a new level.

The notso good news is the sun/moon are square Chiron. We have just only gotten used to Chiron in Pisces since it only moved there a few weeks ago and now it is getting slapped around by the moon and sun. Putting the emphasis on pain that is great and unworldly, things that are bigger than man. Karma, darma, humanitarian and mysterious. One minute you are minding your own business and the next moment you are _______ fill in the blank with something mind blowing.

And that's just the full moon, during this 3 day cycle we will also have Uranus enter Aries on Thursday at 9:44pm then Saturn turns direct on Sunday and then Neptune turns retrograde on Monday about an hour before the moon shifts to Disseminating. So, all of that is taking place on the Full Phase.

The energy will be palpable. For those of us who live in the United States we will be in the long weekend of Memorial Day. I suggest everyone engage their higher side and turn the switch on 'instincts'. Perhaps a few less margaritas? Yeah.

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