Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Week

Today the moon moves into Balsamic phase signaling a time when we begin to wrap up the Cancerian energy.    Additionally today the Sun moves into Leo. 

Also Mercury is opposed to Pluto (exact in early morning EDT).   Thinking MUST have an evolution. There must be a thought that dies and a rebirth will follow.  If you begin to mull any issue take your thoughts to a deeper level.   For example if you are fighting with someone (again) ask yourself what is this thing in me that brings me back to this fight again?   Or if there is some other issue that has got your brain on overdrive, go deep on it.   Where is your limited thinking getting in your way?   How can you have a thought die so a rebirth can occur? 

Balsamic Moon Phase
July 22
5:32 pm EDT  

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on  We release our nervous energy.  We release our talking.   We release our excess communicating.  We release our shallowness.    

Special focus:
7/22 Sun enters Leo
7/24 Venus/Neptune: Creativity, inspired, dreamy, gentleness around love and resources.
7/24: Sun/Jupiter:  Expansion of emotions.  Abundant and generous with a tinge of righteousness. 
7/24: Mercury/Uranus:  Mentally wired up tight.   High strung.  Short fuses abound.
7/24: Mercury/Saturn: Sharp, critical, smart thoughts about what stuff needs to be dumped.  
7/25: Mars enters Scorpio

New moon in Leo is around the corner (July 26 10:54am edt) (POST TO CoME)

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