Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week

The New Moon started on Saturday and continues to be New Phase until July 30.       So, on Monday, Tuesday and (most of ) Wednesday we should be planting seeds that expand on our bigness.  

Focus:   How are you being big?  How are you living a full, rich, dramatic bold life?  How are you stretching?  How are you being a big shot?  How are you being out in front?  And if not why not?   Who exactly told you that being small or shy is helping you?    Get over it, please.  

On Wednesday (July 30  9:43pm EDT) we move into Crescent Phase

Focus on:  What are you learning that speaks to your schedule?  What are you learning that speaks to your daily habits?  How are you learning about your skills?  And your healthcare?   What are you doing each day and does it support your bigness?

This week we have a few aspects that will be pulsating and getting our attention:
Venus & Uranus square on Friday August 1st (12:43am EDT) -- A skank aspect.  Money, love and more to the point, values will feel tweaked.   Some will feel like going rogue others will feel clingy.

But at the same time that aspect throws dust up in the air, a couple days later we have Saturn helping build values up.    

Venus Trine Saturn on Friday August 1 (6:22am EDT) -- Structuring love and values.  Building up the things that are important.   Hard work and love go hand in hand.

And on Friday August 1 (6:47pm EDT) Mars Squares Jupiter.   Yes, this is a bitch of an aspect and we have had several of them in the last year.  But this one is different than the other ones because it was in the signs Libra and Cancer.    Now it is Leo and Scorpio.   Whole other ball game.  Last time we were fighting over relationships, balance, “fairness” and  emotions.  This time we are fighting for our evolution, our money, our pride, our ego, our RIGHT to be HERE.     Watch the egos out there.   Be safe.

And one more thing…on Saturday August 2 ---
A wee bit more ego and mouthiness.   Try to not engage!!! If you can. 

8/2: Mercury/Jupiter: Oh, watch the exaggerations!  If not yours than other people’s.  Big lies will be told.  Big Ego all over the place.  Creativity can also be big!

8/2: Mercury/Mars.  Watch out for the fighting words!  Troublesome egos can upset the applecart. 

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