Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Week Ahead

Wow.   That was kind of an annoying weekend.  But we won’t get into that.  Moving on….
So,  we start off the week in a first quarter moon.    

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speak to your death and rebirth?   What are you letting die?   To be the bigger you, something needs to go, what are you going to do to facilitate that release?   What actions are you taking that address your joint resources?  

Special focus
8/7: Mars/Neptune:  Actions based on spirit and higher ideals.   Putting action and faith together.   Idealism and actions move forward. 

On Thursday we move into a Gibbous Moon
Aug 7
9:36 am EDT  

Focus on:
We get another lunar cycle where we are refining our education.  We are refining how we learn.  We are refining how we expand and bring in something ‘foreign’.  We are refining our judgments.  We are refining how and when we choose to be righteous. 

Special Focus:
8/8: Sun/Mercury: Creativity and mental acumen are strong.  Ego checks will be needed.
8/8: Mercury/Uranus:  Creativity, breakthroughs.  Individuality is welcomed. 
8/8: Sun/Uranus:  Breaking out.  Feeling freedom.  Moving out there.   Seeing a place where you belong and going for it.
8/8: Mercury/Saturn:  Cold water on thinking.  Big ideas meet a big brick wall.  Sour conversations. 
8/9: Sun/Saturn:  Obstacles feel overwhelming but tough hurdles make you a better technician.   Refine your tactics

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