Saturday, August 9, 2014

Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon  (Supermoon)
August 10, 2014  2:09pm EDT

We are in a new landscape now that the crosses have completed in July.   Mars is in Scorpio and Jupiter is in Leo and on the new moon two weeks ago they made an aspect with the sun and the moon which activated this whole 29 day lunar cycle.     Now we have the full moon in Aquarius activating the teeter- totter of being out there in the world with others and working in a team (Aquarius) versus working on our own and being the Big Shot (Leo).      And  yes, this is a Supermoon.  

Aquarius is brilliant, eccentric, odd, interesting, cutting edge, rebellious and knows the power of being a part of a community.    What is the larger community that you consider yourself a member?   Who thinks like you?  Not about stupid stuff but on the broad big picture stuff?     How are you apart of a team?  If you are not and feel disconnected from a big group, this Full Moon may point out how your disconnect is hurting you.      With Leo, we are motivated by the heart and our passion and our authentic self.   Leo can be brave and strong when the heart is involved.   When fear is in the mix and self esteem is lost, Leo is a drama suck.    Watch this full moon to see how you get pulled into drama.  What is the antidote?  Find your heart, speak from it and then move on.  

Saturn is squaring the Full Moon which is a big ass ‘Come to Jesus’ moment.  Some stuff will be shut down.  Cold water will be poured.   Coldness will slap our friends (Aquarius) and our passions (Leo) perhaps a disappointment or fear will come up.  Okay.  But it is not the end of the world.  It is a time to go back to the drawing boards and retool.    Saturn points out our weaknesses.  Saturn in Scorpio speaks to loans, sex, debt, co mingled funds and of course power and rebirth.     Where have we been neglectful or misguided?   Saturn will point it out.  But remember, Saturn does not deny it only delays.  

On this  full moon Mercury is on top of Sun oppose the Moon so communication will be high.    We will get a lot of information, perhaps some it we want some of it we don’t want but put whatever information we receive through the filter of “Is this helping me find a group of likeminded people?  And is this helping me find my passion and my heart?”

Also, Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius is in a delightful aspect with the Moon and a great aspect with the Sun.   The emphasis is on change.   In particular a path to important changes could present themselves.   Be flexible.  See what shows up.  It could be a new path, it could be a new idea, it could be a new thought, but keep your brain on for new changes.  

Is it an easy moon?  Hmm.  Hard to say, my first instinct is no. But in truth, a little dust up could be helpful to get us on the right path.   Use anything that comes up that is uncomfortable as a sign that it is time for changes.   And then reach out to your community and your heart to find the right path.


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