Sunday, August 24, 2014

Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon
August 25, 2014
10:12am EDT

You will find my full Virgo New Moon article on MargaretWendt's Site.

Please go to link to read entire article.  In meantime, here is a little snippet:

Let us get down on our hands and knees and thank God and the Universe for this New Moon in Virgo.   Never has a tired group of people needed a new lunar phase more than all of us.   

Just to recap, for about a year we were dealing with the grand crosses (a little less but who is counting when you are getting drilled almost daily) then we had a tough Cancer lunar phase where things were exploding super fast, followed by a heart opening, sloppy, creative, love expanding Leo molten-lava-flowing- everywhere phase.    Really it was a summer that was almost too much to process.   Yippee that is why god created vodka and Virgo.    Just kidding.  We’ll leave the vodka on the shelf and focus on Virgo.  

Let’s get the bullshit part of Virgo out of the way.  It is critical, nervous, insecure, hypochondriac, shadow pecking, myopic, can’t get any kind of long range of vision because it gets lost in the here and now micro.    It can be very small.    There we have said the laundry list now let’s move on to good part of Virgo because we need it.

Virgo takes care of details.   That bowl full of bills that needs to be paid is the jurisdiction of Virgo.   That doctor’s appointment that sits in the guilty part of your brain having not been addressed for months will be healed by Virgo.   That project that needs to be tackled at work or the mess in your home that has been sitting off in the corning, throbbing and pulsating and needs to be fixed is desperate for Virgo.    And that calendar that is insane, where you are running all over the world and back and getting NO WHERE needs to be fine-tuned.  Stupid can finally be plucked out of your date book with the help of Virgo.

Virgo is a caretaker and a servant and takes care of people, places and things. Where things were crazy and fiery in Leo we get the perfect antidote in Virgo.    Anything birthed in the last few months needs Virgo to nurse it to the next level. For example, if you have realized in the last couple months you need to change your love life, your money, your career, your home, your family dynamics, your friendships, your health, your body….etc --- You absolutely need to use Virgo to get to the next stage.     Virgo is about fixing stuff.   There is something to be said that Virgo can’t get the big picture true-----but the big picture can’t be big if the small stuff is effed’ up.     And that is what Virgo will fix. 

For example, you want to go to Europe with your family next summer.  Great. Sounds fabulous.   But what is going on with your husband’s work schedule?  What is going on with your bank account?  What is going on with your relationship with your children?    You can NOT get to Florence, Italy next July if your spouse is afraid to ask for three weeks off at work, or your savings account has $500 dollars in it or your kids would rather be on their cell phone than have a conversation with you, let alone fly eight thousand miles to a foreign country.   Or if you need another example (and I can do this for pages and pages but won’t), if you need to get your career to a new level but your wardrobe looks  “poor me.”   Or your body is a mess.   Or your friendships hold you back. Or you haven’t done diligence on the research that you need to step up.   Or you are short ten units at the college from an important certificate or degree to your career….. you need to take Virgo to fix all that mess.    And it is only a mess because it has not been addressed.    Again, that is why god created Virgo so we can fix the micro.

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