Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This Week

The Full Moon Phase continues at the beginning of the week and I think we probably all felt it a wee bit when Robin Williams death was announced.   Although the moon was not in Aquarius yesterday the full phase is based on the chart of the exact moment of full moon and with Aquarius it speaks to large groups of like minded people united on something.    Sad, it showed up this way.    Anyway, tomorrow we move into Disseminating Phase.    There is a great aspect on Friday with Mars. If you have to do a bunch of stuff--plan it for Friday!  

Aug 13
7:06 pm EDT

Disseminating Moon Phase

Focus on: How are you sharing your leadership?  How are you sharing your inner warrior?  How are you sharing your ability to go out alone? How are you sharing your break outs?

Special focus:
 8/15:  Mars/Pluto.   Rebirth, re-energized.  Our actions feels as if they are refreshed and have new access to empowerment.  
8/15: Mercury enters Virgo

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