Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon
July 26 6:41 pm EDT
3 Leo 51

I have put up the full article on MargaretWendt's site .   Please go to there for full article.  In the meantime, here is a snippet.

You know those scenes in movies where there has been a big fight, a real melee in an office, living room or a bar and you are not sure who has won?  And then the story cuts to outside and we see the hero or heroine who is a bloody mess but alive and stumbling out the door.   That is us.  We are stumbling out the door.   We have been in a fistfight for basically the last year having been punched, kicked, knifed by the cardinal crosses.  Four planets doing battle is hard on the world and hard on us personally.  And as of this writing (7/24) the crosses are going out with a bang, look no further than Malaysia Air and Gazza.  I might add those two events have got Jupiter already out of cardinal Cancer but Mars does not leave Libra until the day before New Moon when FINALLY the compulsive warrior moves into Scorpio.  Hurray!! 

It is funny to be happy for a planet moving into Scorpio.  You don’t usually hear people say that, but I think we are all so over the aggressive passive aggressiveness of Mars in Libra that we welcome the move into more laser cutting black and white Scorpio.  And more to the point, Mars will only be in Scorpio until September 13 then it moves into Sagittarius.  Six weeks in one sign versus seven months of Libra, what a difference!

It is remarkable that Mars is out of Libra the day before Leo New Moon.   It is a gift from the Universe that we get some relief right in time for big ol’ party loving Leo.    We deserve it.  We are the hero and now we get the rewards of Leo.  

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac.  His flame burns strong and steady.   The oven is ready for the pizza.   The pot is ready for the pasta.  The furnace is ready to heat cold rooms.    I can keep the metaphors going but I think you get the point, we are ready for the power of flame.   

Leo rules royalty, passion, theater, bravery, drama, creativity, play, lovers, sensuality, pleasure, parties and gambling.   Leo puts a high premium on Loyalty.   And Leo is outspoken (no kidding), generous, chivalrous and speaks from the HEART.  

So, here we are.  We have been dealing with our opinions (Jupiter) that may or may not have been serving us.  We have been dealing with breakdowns and breakthroughs (Uranus) that we made or that the Universe made for us.   We have been dealing with relationships that have felt like war (Mars) and we have been feeling deep inside us that something is ‘off’ and that we need to overhaul our life from the DNA out (Pluto).    What do we do now?  

We get Leo creative!   We play.  We take our bravery and tell the world—“I’m ______.”  We don’t hide from our bigness we embrace it.   Our bigness does not mean that we have to go on TV or Youtube.  The bigness is what we feel in our heart.  That we are living our life to the fullest.  That we are loving big and being loved big.  We are creative every day and every moment.  That the lessons we learned in the last year mean it is time to live our real, true life and not the life that others think we should live.    We can no longer be inauthentic.  Leo New Moon is shining the spotlight on us.  Hiders are not welcomed during this cycle. 

On this New Moon, the Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo.  We are double downing in being BIG.  You feel it.  You know it.   Something is growing in you.  You are feeling the need to stretch.   The old ways are not working.   But also in this chart, the Sun/Moon/Jupiter are in square to Mars in Scorpio.    As we discussed Mars and Jupiter have been digging in for a while but this time it is different.   Now, they are pushing on each other from the Leo/Scorpio perspective.   Leo says, “I am _____”  and Scorpio says, “Great are you willing to die for  _______?”  It sounds dramatic but that is Leo.

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