Friday, July 11, 2014

Full Moon Capricorn

Full Moon Phase

July 12
7:24am EDT
20l Cap 03

Oh, the pull between family and career, or the pull between emotions and keeping it professional.   Is there any tug greater?   Yeah, when it is a full moon in Capricorn with a conjunction to Pluto.    This full moon! 

We have been on a roller coaster for the last year as we plowed through the cardinal crosses. We still have Pluto and Uranus squaring however, in a couple days Mars and Jupiter are moving out of Cancer and Libra, thus ending the crosses.  Hurray.  But before they go ---this full moon is giving us one last push from the cardinal universe. 

Push #1 Moon in Cap with Pluto on top is asking, (yes, one more time)---
How are you overhauling your position in the world?   How are you overhauling your career?  How are you overhauling your executive abilities? How are you utilizing your inner CEO?    With Pluto we also better ask, “Where are you jealous?”  “And where is your inner snob all twisted up?   
What are you going to do with that energy?   What is it telling you?

Push #2
A square between the Moon and Mars is begging for a big ass fight.    At the very least, watch your driving.  Watch how people try to get into it with you. Watch how you try to get into it with others.   If someone is losing it, try to disengage and then go to the gym.   Relationships could be under stress. Especially if one of the partners has been suppressing stuff.  Good luck suppressing anything this weekend.  Even if you aren’t saying anything hideous, your facial expression will tell it all.   And the final gasp of passive aggressiveness will be everywhere.  What to do?  Get into a pissing match?  Sure.  Ignore it?  Sure.   Hide?   Sure, if you can.  But you probably can’t and you know it.

Push #3 North Node conjunction Mars.   Once again, there will be fights within partnerships and relationships.  There could also be real action. . Working as a team and doing some hot and sweaty real work.   Not talking about doing stuff but really doing it.   If one partner has been sitting back not carrying his or her weight then this weekend could be the time they step up their game.  And if not?   Well, lack of action will  speak volumes.  And will be duly noted.   Remember Mars is moving into Scorpio in a few days and once he leaves passive aggressive Libra for Black and White Scorpio—bring out the knives, someone is getting cut out.

Push #4 Uranus squares Sun & Moon
Breakthroughs.   Are you ready to have a great breakthrough this weekend?  Are you ready to do something different?  Are you ready to mix it up?   Great.  Are you ready to be daring?  Great.   But if you want to stay stuck and tackle this full moon like any other day---then get ready for your world to rock.   Because remember if you don’t make the change, the Universe will do it for you. 

This full moon is also called a Supermoon as defined by  Richard Nolle. 
Extra close to earth.   Tides will be super high and super low.   Emotions will be super up and  super down.    Supermoons sometimes bring earthquakes and with the square to Uranus, there probably will be something rattling somewhere.  

Anyway, use the cardinal full moon to continue to make movements in your life.  Or at the very, very least make some keen observations as to what is holding you back and consider what is it going to take for you to finally improve your lot (how Capricorn). 

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