Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How Is Your Decluttering progressing?

We are about two months for Treasure Map Time.   Are you decluttering?  Are you getting rid of stuff that is broken?  Stuff you don't love?  Are you decluttering your car?  Your desk?   How about your emails?   Are you deconnecting from a bunch of automatic updates?   Are you decluttering your brain? What theories about yourself need to be decluttered?  How about opinions of others?  Are you decluttering?  How about people who no longer need to be occupying your time and energy?  How about habits are you decluttering the things that no longer serve you?

Why am I bringing it up now? Because as we know Einstein said, "No two things can occupy the same space".  I want you to have the most rewarding Treasure Map this year so you need to clear the space by the time we get to April 15 9:57pm EDT.    Once we get then you will begin to dream big and you will have the space to dream big.

And together we say,  "Yes"!

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