Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sag Full Moon: May 29

Sagittarius Full Moon 
May 29
10:19am EDT 

This is our first Sag full moon in the Taurus lunar cycle since Uranus crossed into Taurus.  Interesting.   This full moon also follows Jupiter (ruler of Sag) trine Neptune on 5/25.   Inspiring.   The Sun trine Mars.   Lively.    Venus is heading to a trine with Jupiter.   Very nice.   Venus is also heading to a trine with Neptune.  More inspiration.  And Venus just finished its annual opposition to Saturn.   Uncomfortable.      

When looking at these aspects and putting the chart in the bigger picture of cycles that we are processing, an image comes to mind of an Olympic athlete running down a road.  In the athlete’s hand is the torch blazing which is then handed to the next athlete.    Fire is our inspiration.   Fire keeps us going.    

We have talked a lot about the changes that are going on around us. Pluto is pushing down on the governments of the world for an evolution.   As individuals, Pluto is speaking to our goals and ambitions and our own evolution as we assess if our goals are in line with our values.    Saturn is pointing out our boundaries and asks what is practical? Jupiter in Scorpio is another evolutionary cycle where we look at our shared resources (including financial) and ask if the belief that lack is okay needs to destroyed?  Neptune in his home sign Pisces, still challenges us as we ping pong between hopelessness and a deep connection to spirit.  And of course Uranus who two weeks ago moved into Taurus and has begun its seven year journey activating the  Great Tinkering Era, where we are looking at our lives and hammering, cutting, chiseling, cementing and building new personal infrastructures.   We feel something coming and we know we need to make concrete changes.  

In that environment of significant changes a full moon in Sagittarius reminds us that we got this covered.  Not because we are smarter than anyone or stronger than anyone but more because we take a moment and check in with our fire.  During this full moon watch what makes you inspired.  What makes you laugh?  What makes you reach beyond your circle?  What comes up that feels like a bridge to another person, place or thing?   We can get mouthy with a full moon in Sag so take note if you are shooting off your opinions willy-nilly and consider would you be bettered served giving someone sage advice or wisdom from experience and not just opinions?   Can you find your inner teacher?   On the three-day full moon; find what inspires you and see how it supports you in this time of great change.     

Flame on! 

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