Tuesday, May 14, 2019

This Week in Astrology: May 13

This week is first quarter moon.   Our hearts, our creativity and our joy & pleasure should be speaking  to us.  What action are we taking sparked by this energy?    Venus moves into Taurus on the 15th, love takes solid work and day to day actions.   There is value in slowing down and finding your values then addressing needs bit by bit. 

First Quarter Moon 
May 11, 2019
6:12pm PDT 

Focus on: What actions are you taking that speak to your bravery?  What actions are you taking that speaks to courage?  What actions speak to love affairs?  What actions speak to YOUR creativity?  

Special Focus:
5/13: Sun trine Pluto.   Releasing the junk is easy.  Finding the new path of leadership is easy. 
5/15: Venus enter Taurus

Gibbous Moon
May 15  
3:30am PDT 

Focus on: 

How are you refining your relationship?  How are you refining your need for balance?  How are you refining your negotiations skills?  How are you refining your shallow side?  How are you refining your ability to not taking a side? 

Special focus
5/15: Mars enters Cancer
5/16: Mercury trine Saturn.  Solid conversation.  Communication that supports new structure.  Business thinking and conversations. 
5/17: Mercury trine Pluto.  Communication breakthroughs.  New thoughts that bring out an important transformation.  
5/17: Venus conjunct Uranus. Dynamic creativity.  Unusual endeavors with loved ones.  Brilliance with Loved ones.  Resources from out of the blue. 

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