Saturday, October 12, 2019

Aries Full Moon: October 13

Aries Full Moon 
October 13, 2019
2:07 pm PDT 
20 Aries 13 

The Aries full moon is an opportunity for us to connect back to self and reflect on who we are within in our relationships.    Have you gotten lost in someone else’s expectation of  you?   Do you know where you begin and another ends?    With Aries full moon we could ‘wake up’ and say, “Hey I’m not up for _______”   and if it causes a fight—so be it.   That’s Aries.    Of course the Libra side of the full moon wants to be nice.    And this is where passive aggressiveness can appear, which is problematic for all concerned.   Showing up late instead of telling the truth.   Forgetting something important.   Flaking on someone.  None good.       The answer is to tap into the power of being honest and kind.      Assess what is real and true for you and express it from a place of kindness.   This will satisfy both Aries and Libra.  

In the Full Moon chart we have a square with Pluto that is almost exact.  Pluto is cracking us open where we take a moment and go down deep and find what is important.    It could take a quick second where we process a situation and realize we know what is valuable and we act Aries swift to claim it, protect it and run with it. It could be a conversation that is lost in the weeds and bringing out people’s aggression, we go to the root and get everyone back on track.  It could be finding our own super human strength and taking an action that is brave because it makes others uncomfortable.  Whatever it is, you will know it because you feel it.  Remember the full moon pulls on tides and our emotions.   This is not a subtle three days we feel it in our bodies.   

Also aspecting the chart is Jupiter trine Moon (sextile to Sun)  bringing opportunity during this full moon.    The key to Jupiter is to remind yourself that no matter where you are or what you are doing you are on an adventure.     Even if on paper these three days look like the same ol’ same ol’ they are not, there is an adventure buried in your journey.   Every day wake up and say, “Today is an adventure, I wonder where I am headed?”  This will open you up to opportunities where doors swing wide that you never even noticed before now and you are ready to take on.   

It is a bit of a process but if  we all, stay open, move fast, be honest and tap into kindness,  we will make the most of this full moon. 

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