Monday, February 17, 2020

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
February 16 4:53pm PST

2/1:   Mercury shadow 
2/16: Mercury stations retrograde 12 Pisces 53 
3/9:    Mercury station direct 28 Aquarius
3/29: Mercury shadow ends 

All the Mercury retrogrades in 2020 will take place in water signs however, only the second retrograde in June is entirely in water (Cancer).  The other two end their retrograde in air signs.   This one starts in Pisces and ends in Aquarius.   Mercury is the intellectual planet and is a bit strained when it travels in emotional water signs.  Getting our brains to think like our emotions or getting our emotions to change gear and be intellectualized is impossible.   During these retrogrades we will be prone to emotional ups and downs and we may want to ‘fix’ the emotions.   Perhaps the emotions are not the problem but instead what is setting them off needs to be addressed.  Let the emotions speak to you and guide your intellect in a new direction.   For example, during the Mercury retrograde you lose your cool or get frazzled or depressed by a person/place/situation.   The question to ask is, why?  What is really going on a deep level?  Why is this rattling you?   Have you outgrown something but are stuck?   Are you out beyond your reach and not sure you remember even why you are there?   Or are you staying small and growth is scaring you?  Take the retrograde to let Mercury start to figure a new path.   This is not a time to suppress your emotions but instead let them inform you.  You don’t have to go crazy and get your emotions on everybody but you can get quiet and ask some questions to yourself.   By the time Mercury completes the retrograde it will be in Aquarius which should cool the ups and downs and you may welcome rethinking some of your responses even more since the emotions could be milder.   

Each water sign has their own fears, Cancer usually around family, Scorpio around lost power but Pisces’ fear is sometimes difficult to lock.  Remember, Pisces rules things that we can’t always see.  It rules the oceans.  What you see on the outside covers up a whole other world down below the waves.  So, with Pisces we may get prompts that can’t be explained. Is it our intuition?  Is it our faith?  Is it just an overall feeling of depression we can’t shake?  Is it a general fear of the bumps in the night?  Prayer will be helpful.  Some will find help in their higher powers.  Some will turn to their therapists.  It’s all helpful and this retrograde, you may need to tune into your body more in order to get grounded.  Yoga, walking, stretching connect to your physicality.  And of course, breathe.   As always, like all retrogrades, give yourself more time for any trips, double check all paper-work before signing and anything that breaks you may want to research the replacement which you can replace after Mercury goes direct.  Finally, watch your dreams.  They could be speaking to you a bit more than usual during this Pisces Mercury retrograde. 

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