Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ray Merriman does not mince words on Pluto in Cap

I only recently became familiar with Ray Merriman an astrologer who evidently has been around a very long time, well, at least since the old days when Pluto was a planet. I think I read an article by him in (probably) Mountain Astrologer earlier this year. But what really left an impression on me, was when one of my astro gal friends, (thank you, Carol) sent me a link to Ray with a note---"He's the real deal. Very sensible". I immediately opened up the link and proceeded to read one of the toughests takes on Pluto's in Cap I have ever read. Truly, not for the faint of heart. (Lordy!)

But having said that, I do think he has provided a richly researched and thoughtful analysis of the cardinal squares and the other once-in-a century aspects we have coming around the pike. And one thing you gotta say, is any guy who goes back a thousand years to double check his astro challenges is okay with me. Here's to the 21st century Hun's conquering Rome! (just kidding)

Here's a little snippet, go to the link for more data:

Pluto in Capricorn, 2008-2024: “The Good, Bad, Even Worse, and Redemption.” What are the trends we may anticipate during the next 16 years? If history is any guide (and it is to an astrologer), then we can anticipate first new highs in many of the world’s stock markets. This of course means that investors – the wealthy of the world – become even wealthier. But this creates an imbalance in society between the classes. The “haves” have more. The “have nots” have less. Movements begin to raise taxes, and not always of the wealthy. At the same time there are movements by people in power (governments or dictators) to restrict basic rights and liberties. These leaders of the world move to expand their powers, perhaps to the point of acting upon their primal impulses to destroy or massacre certain segments of the world’s population that they believe interfere with their “vision” of a perfect world. And yet these same leaders may act to rebuild the infrastructure of their country, providing important basic needs to communities that support these populations (as well as their own personal legends of being “the greatest” leader of that nation). On the one hand, they do some good deeds. But on the other hand, there is a cost for doing business with these people: you lose your rights, and you may even be the wrong religion or skin color or nationality, and that makes you subject to annihilation because you are a threat to their perfect world vision. Does it have to be this way? Of course not. And in the end - before Pluto leaves Capricorn - these megalomaniacs with an unquenchable lust for total power will likely make critical errors in judgments, just as they have done in the past. Their populations are apt to rise up and throw them out of power. But only after they have first wreaked havoc and destruction of the national pride.

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