Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Sea Has Changed: Scorpio New Moon 2008

The Sea has Changed: Scorpio New Moon 2008
Many of you are well aware of the Uranus/Saturn opposition that will be taking place on November 4. As difficult as it is to imagine, our issues do not get resolved on November 4th--in truth they begin. "Huh? Say it is not so."

Yep, we have got a lot happening during the Scorpio 28 day lunar cycle--Neptune turns direct, Saturn Opposes Uranus (1st of 5 times), Pluto moves into Capricorn, Uranus goes direct. All in one cycle. It is important in my mind for us to get on the right side of these sea changes- I strongly encourage you to read the article. As, always--

I have posted my New Moon article on Margaret Wendt's website---if you have not been there it is chock full of all things metaphysical and more. After you read my article, Be sure and check out here radio shows!Here's a snippet of my Scorpio New Moon Article....

Where should my focus be during this next 28-day cycle?Release the old in order to receive the new. The trick of course is determining what is ‘old’.Ashes to AshesThere is no other way to say it so I am going to cut to the chase, “Welcome to the new world” are you ready?What we have now in front of us is an awakening. Maybe rude, maybe not, but certainly an awakening. There are some astrologers describing the period we are entering as an amazing opportunity for real breakthroughs and solutions. There are also astrologers who will tell you that there is a whole lot of crap coming down and after it arrives, there will be more. Me? I think both are both correct and that they are not mutually exclusive. A lot of stuff is happening and some of it is not nice but there will be solutions ----eventually. note--you have to register to read the whole article..but do not fear, YOU WILL NOT be spammed. I would never participate if I thought that would happen. Spamming is evil, agreed?

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