Friday, November 21, 2014

Sag New Moon

Sag New Moon
November 22

You will find my full article HERE.  But here is a little snippet.

As we discussed last month, we are in a rare cycle where all the new moons through March are at Zero degrees (and change) of each sign.   Zero the hero, is a gift, because we have the opportunity to get full value of every degree and the lesson presented by the sign every day.   

With Sag we are learning to expand our world and get out there and mix it up.   Are you are wondering, “What does that mean?”   Okay, let’s talk about it.

 Look at your life right now.  The things that make you happy are probably defined by your life experience.   For example, and this is an easy one, what if you think  “I’m always happy when I’m surrounded by family.”   Okay, maybe.   But what about charity work?  What about volunteerism?  What about career?   What about exercise?  What about making a difference in your broader world?  What about creativity?    Why doesn’t any of that make you happy?  And in truth, does family really make you happy?  Or is that a blanket statement?   What if the truth is more, “Well, I like my cozy time with my family, dinner, helping with homework etc.   But god they drive me nuts and if I have too much time with them I go crazy.“

Or what if your opinion is, “Making real money is impossible for me.”  Why because your mother and father struggled with finances and it feels like you are cursed by bad money DNA?   Why because you over spend? Or maybe you are an under earner?  

Or what if you think, “I’m so lucky to be alive I should be dead by everything that has happened to me.”   Okay---and because you are so lucky, are you keeping the bar low?   Are you afraid to raise the bar in your life because you are just lucky to be alive?   

Or what if you believe all relationships are trouble.  “Everyone else gets a good relationship but me.”  Why do you have that opinion?     

These are all opinions, judgments and beliefs and that is all the jurisdiction of Sagittarius.   But Sag is about pushing out from old familiar places.   Sag rules higher education (universities) and Sag rules traveling and going on adventures.  Sag knows it is important to push beyond boundaries and do something ‘foreign’ or learning something ‘ foreign’.   Why the quotes around foreign?   Because it does not always mean getting on a plane and flying across ten time zones.  Foreign could be a person in your neighborhood who was born three blocks away you but does stuff completely different than you.  So different they are foreign.   Hanging out with that person can offer you a new perspective and that is total Sag.    

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For the next 29- day Sag lunar cycle we are going to get up higher and get a bigger view. 

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