Monday, November 24, 2014

What's Going on this Week?

This Week

Last week’s New Moon is still with us at least for Monday.   If there are any seeds you need to plant that expand your horizon, give you a new perspective or help you mix it up---you still have time.    How are you exposing yourself to something ‘foreign’?    How can you build a bridge to another world?     What can you do that puts focus on your target?   Where are you aiming your arrow?   Plant some seeds today before Crescent Moon on Tuesday November 25 at 7:12pm EST.     Also, look at the seeds you have planted since November 22 (4:32 am EST)?  Are you cool with them?  If not do something now to counter those seeds. 

Special Focus:  
11/25: Mercury/Saturn.  A yearly aspect. The mind is quiet or ponders serious thoughts.   Productivity and strategy are highlighted.   Not a warm and cozy thinking day but a highly effective day.

Crescent Moon Phase
November 25 
7:12pm EST

Focus on:  What are you learning about your executive abilities?  What information are you getting that speaks to your inner CEO?  By expanding your world how are you now bringing logic and no nonsense to all situations? 

Special Focus:
11/24: Mercury/Pluto.  Shedding thoughts that don’t serve. However, it hurts to let go of our favorite non-productive thoughts.  Release Victim conversation and see how your day goes.  Can you do it?
11/26: Venus/Uranus.   A wildly creative beautiful aspect.  A fun day for good risks.  Adventure and love go hand in hand.
11/26: Sun/Neptune.  How things appear may not be an accurate picture.   Even if you see lies it does not mean you have to say anything.  What is the subtext of the moods?
11/27: Saturn /Pluto Discipline meets duty.  Breakthroughs needs practical application.   The straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

First Quarter Moon
November 29
5:06am EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speak to your faith?  What actions expand your world but at the same time rely on the guidance of Spirit?  Where is your humanitarianism?

Special focus
11/30: Mercury/Neptune:  Watch the delusional thinking or the delusional talkers.

12/1: Mars/Saturn.  Great day to get a lot accomplished.  Great time to act like a CEO and fix your finances.


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