Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Welcome to December !

I don’t know about you but it has taken me a few days to recover from  Thanksgiving.  Too much tryptophan no doubt.

For most of the week we will be in the Gibbous phase of the moon. During this time of the lunar cycle we refine.   We pick and  choose and use discretion.   Is there something that we have been neglecting?   What seeds did you plant back on New Moon that now need to be refined?    

Mars moves into Aquarius on December 4th.  Time to get our social activities on!!  We will want to be  with like minded friends.  Doing group activities.   For those people who are shy or don’t like to mingle you will be feeling extra lonely during Mars in Aquarius.   My suggestion is get off your duff and get out there and mingle.  Say yes to dinner dates, go to a lecture or at the very least go bowling with friends for godsakes.   Do something besides staying home and watching TV.      

The full moon in Gemini will arrive on December 6th    which will get its own  post. 

Focus on:
Where are YOU?  When you expand your world how do YOU do it?  Not someone else, YOU.  How do YOU give your self an education?  What are you neglecting about your personal willpower?  

Special Focus:
12/4:  Mars in Aquarius.  
12/4: Venus/Jupiter: Fun, joy, abundance, love all up high.  Enthusiasm is great.  Creativity super high.
12/4: Sun/Uranus.  Fun, play, adventure.  Out and out about looking for unusual experiences and if not, unusual find you.

12/5:Mercury/Uranus.  Thinking and communication is fun and lively.  Coming up with fun breakthroughs and break outs.   Looking for novelty and enjoying the new stuff.

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