Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jupiter Retrograde


Jupiter is in the middle of his transit in Leo where he will be until next summer.  However, on December 8th at 3:41pm EST, Jupiter turned retrograde.   If you don’t know and I’m sure you do since you read this column regularly but Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system.  Super, super, big and he does not do anything small.  Leo of course is our most dramatic sign.  Some drama is outward and some drama is inward.   With a retrograde period it means Jupiter is sending us inward.  

We are already trying to find what is our authentic self and what opinions are real for us and now with Jupiter turning retrograde we will going inward for five months to find out what makes our heart soar.  When Jupiter turns direct next April we will have a better sense of what makes us purr.  Look to see what house in your chart has transiting Jupiter. Know that you will be rethinking, relearning, re-evaluting that part of your life for five months.   You may want to throw the baby out with the bath water but I would recommend instead you do what we are already doing, get a new perspective, get some feedback and tweak your desires.    And don’t push too hard let Jupiter slowly educated you. 

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