Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturn in Transit: Sagittarius

On December 23rd at 11:33am EST, Saturn moves into Sagittarius where it will be until December 2017  (brief retrograde back to Scorpio next summer).    

How will it influence your chart?    Take a look at your natal chart and see what house Saturn is transiting.    

Saturn in the 1st house:   You may get quiet and reserved. You may have insecurities come up that suggest you are ‘not good enough’.  Why you believe it?  God knows I don’t know. But what is more important as those insecurities come up you will have opportunities to dig in and fix situations.    You can come out of this transit even better and stronger than when it starts.    And the skills you learn for the next two years will serve you the rest of your life.   Remember you will not have this aspect again for 29 years.  Make the most of it.

Saturn in 2nd  You are careful about your money.   You may feel blue that you don’t have enough.  You could question how you spent your money in the past.  Again, what is important is to make practical changes now so that by the time this transit is over you feel like you have good stewardship over your money and possessions.   You will also learn that money and things don’t buy happiness or friendship or love.   But that does not mean you should not want some practical solid things in your life.    

Saturn in 3rd:  You are focused on your writing and research.   You could go inward and be less social.   You pull back from siblings and neighbors. You are unsure of your communication skills.   But you have the ability to be very focused.    You can come of out this will more skills to talk about what is important for you and not waste your oxygen on the frivolous.    By the end of this transit, you learn how to have real, solid connections with others and not just shallow interactions.  

Saturn in the 4th house.   Family responsibilities seems great.   Anything around moms feels hard.   Watch what you eat.  Food can irritate stomach etc.   If you have a home that feels too big, you will want to downsize.  If you have a house that is just ‘off’ you will want to unload it and start over again.   If your emotions have dictated your life too much don’t be surprised if you pull back your emotions.  By the time this transit is over you will be shocked by how you harness your emotions and feelings.   You may surprise yourself how little you cry over stuff.  

Saturn in the 5th.  You feel like you are in a creative desert.  You feel unloved.  You feel like there is no romance in your life.     Where can you get practical on all these subjects?  How can you get practical about your creativity?  Is there a hands on class you need to take?  Do you need to reach out to someone who knows how to access creativity?  Do they have practical tips for you?    Do you just need to do stuff daily bit by bit to find your creativity and passion?  If you are feeling unloved then ask yourself—“How can I love myself?”  What can you do seriously that takes care of you?  If you are in a loveless relationship, is it time to cut your losses?  Is it time to find a good therapist?  Is it time to go to a 12-step meeting.  Get practical about your love, passion and creativity.   By the time this transit is over you will have renewed sense of loving self.   

Saturn in 6th:  Where do you need new skills at work?   What is going on with your body?  What is going on with your diet?  What do your daily habits look like?  Are they helping you?   What is your health about?   Is your work a drain?  Why is that your daily job?  What practical moves do you need to make to get a new job?   And how the hell do you manage your time?  Do you piss it away by being disorganized?    By the end of this cycle you will have a new understanding on what it looks like to manage your resources daily. 

Saturn in 7th house:  Are your relationships more work than you want?  Who is not pulling their weight?   Have you been phoning in relationships and now it is coming back to hurt you?  Where do you need to be more responsible in relationships?    What kind of discipline do you need to bring to relationships?    If you can clean up your side of the street how does it impact your partnerships?    If you have been alone for years perhaps this transit will bring in someone serious.  If you have been in a relationship but have felt alone in that relationship you may assess that you can no longer live that way and will seek a change.   Or perhaps you and your partner will actually work at a business together.   

Saturn in the 8th house:  Your soul is about to go through an evolution.  Deep fears around commitment will be challenged.    Issues around taxes and debt will be pronounced.    Death and rebirth are compelling issues.   What parts of your life need to die and be reborn?  What roles have you outgrown?   Your intuition will be high.   Work with fate to ask for divine timing so that you can make important changes.     Sex and sensual interests can go cold but sometimes you may just need to make time for both.     If it is important to you find a way to make the time.   By the time this transit is over you will have a new commitment to shared resources.   

Saturn in the 9th:  There could be frustration around travel.  Perhaps you want to travel and can’t for various reasons.  Or perhaps you have not traveled very much in your life and now you make it a priority.  It could take a lot of discipline and hard work to get that trip in your future.   Also, you could be asked for your opinion on various situations and you may sound like a bigot.    Is that how you want to be perceived? Or do you not care?   You get serious about your writing.    Where you feel insecure about your education?   Perhaps you will put yourself out there despite your perceived “lacking” pedigree.     By the time you end this cycle you will have a better understanding about your opinions and how they do or do not serve you.  

Saturn in 10th:  Your career is paramount.   You feel insecure that you are not out there in the world.  Are you too small?  Why?  How long have you been hiding?  Why?   It is no longer a comfortable spot to be some anonymous person in some anonymous world.  You look at your world and want to be apart of it in a significant way.  It will take hard work and discipline but you relish the opportunity to be self-reliant.  You get a lot of jobs done.

Saturn in 11th house:  You are asked to look at your friends.   Do you have any?  Do you still groove with the older friends whom you have had for years?  Where are you stepping up for groups?  Are you willing to be there for the group and not have personal recognition?   Do you feel abandoned by groups and friends?  Is it time for new circles?  How does new technology work in your life?  How do the groups of people who surround you support your own objectives?  Are you in sync?  Is it time for new support?  

Saturn in the 12th house:  Fears that can’t be explained may come up.  Insecurities you never have had previously start to emerge.  Unresolved father issues come up.   Therapy will be of considerable help.   Doing work out of the public eye will help.   Charity work is a salve.    Healing hurts in this lifetime and past life times are ready to be tackled.  No matter how stressful life get resist the urge to be a victim.  At the very least lump issues as “karmic burn off” and move on.    Get practical about your faith.   Learn the power of prayer.

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