Friday, December 26, 2014

Heads Up: Crescent Phase Cap

Let’s not forget this 29 day Capricorn lunar cycle that we are traveling on.   On Dec 21 the Capricorn New Moon launched.  As we discussed Uranus turned direct that same day.   Then on Dec 23 Saturn moved into Sagittarius.    That is two major planetary changes in a three -day window.   As I indicated in the report it is a shame that all this Cap energy is happening in the crazy making holiday crush.   I do not want this important period to get lost. 

What seeds did you plant between Dec 21 (8:35pm EST) and Dec 25 (4:07am EST)?  How do those seeds speak to your goals?   Where are you in the world?  How do you present yourself?  How are you a leader?  How are you a producer?  How are you seeing a situation that needs leadership and you are stepping up?   How are your supporting the goals you put on your Treasure Map back in Spring. 

Now here we are at Crescent Phase and I don’t know where you live but last night’s moon was beautiful.   A big ol’ crescent moon hanging on the horizon. 

During Crescent we receive information.  Nothing is accident, nothing is a coincidence, consider it all information.   How does this information speak to you out in the world and a leader?  How are you learning about your executive abilities?   What is your inner CEO telling you by these ‘random’ pieces of information?        

Focus on:  What are you learning about your friends?  What are you learning about your groups of like-minded people?  Do you even have any?   As you build towards the vision of who you want to be in the world, how are your friends supporting that vision?

Special Focus:

12/26: Venus semisq Neptune:  Illusions around love and resources.   Balance your checkbook before you spend anything!    If people are telling you something that sounds too good to be true—wait a few days and see if it still makes sense.
12/26: Sun sext Neptune.  Fun and inspired.   Practical application to faith.  

Crescent lasts until Dec 28 1:31pm EST. 

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